back to article Gluster techie shows off 'MySQL of object storage' Minio projects

Minio and its µServer were first described by El Reg in December a year ago. Now we have had a closer look, courtesy of a press tour to Silicon Valley earlier this month. The basic product comes as three software items: Open source µServer Open Source Client Software development kit The µServer is a lightweight piece of …

  1. Nate Amsden

    anyone using mysql for simple key value store

    is probably using the wrong product.

    1. streaky Silver badge

      Re: anyone using mysql for simple key value store

      I'd dispute that in various cases honestly, there's all sorts of good performance, infrastructure and data integrity reasons for doing it. 'reg readers very anti-MySQL though so send in the downvotes.

      1. patrickstar

        Re: anyone using mysql for simple key value store

        There's this hierarchical key-value store I've heard of, that also supports replication, data integrity, and more, depending on the specific one used.

        It's called a file system.

    2. batfastad

      Re: anyone using mysql for simple key value store

      > is probably using the wrong product.

      Possibly. Though the memcached interface to InnoDB with MySQL 5.6 is pretty great. And you get replication of the data for free, persistence and you don't have to operate a separate key-value infrastructure unless you need to.

  2. smartypants

    Another technology

    ...that I probably have to understand, and determine whether and when it gets into the projects I'm involved with. (It's no good dismissing every new kid on the block because some are game-changers).

    A bit of me isn't complaining. I lose count of how many times this cycle has paid dividends... but it does feel like a hamster in a wheel.

    1. sundog

      Re: Another technology

      Yep, another VM to set up so I can poke it with a pointy stick and see what it does. Though to be honest, if it does what I need it to do and works, it's worth taking a closer look at and using a sharper pointy stick.

  3. Justin Clift

    Using Minio here

    One of the project's I'm working on presently uses Minio (for object storage).

    We storage all user uploaded content as objects (in Minio) with all of the metadata about them in PostgreSQL.

    It's working pretty well so far during development - not yet rolled out into production. Further development of the main project itself needed before that happens.

    But yeah, if you're looking for object storage that's simple to use, give it a shot. The SDK is pretty simple, and well documented with good example. At least for Golang, which is what we're using it with. :)

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

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