back to article Backup Exec console goes AWOL

Data security biz Veritas says that some users are unable to log on to its Backup Exec console" after installing the November or December Windows 2016 updates. It has patch removal workarounds to fix this. The logon error message, shown below, reads: “BackupExec Management Service was unable to start. Connection open and login …

  1. Frank Bitterlich

    "Function not supported"...

    ... using deprecated framework calls, hmmmm?

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

      Re: "Function not supported"...

      Sounds like normal Backup Exec coding standards. It's 2016 and the software is probably still using, or trying to use in this case, Windows 3 components.

      I don't know what it is about backup software but the designers and developers of them consistently seem to run with the opinion that any best practices, or even common sense, guides with regards to user interface design should be avoided at all costs.

      1. LDS Silver badge

        Re: "Function not supported"...

        No, the issue it's using .NET. If it used plain Win 3.x API calls, it would have better chances to work. .NET became just like Java... which was its fate since the beginning. I steer away from .NET apps as much as I can.

        1. Michael B.

          Re: "Function not supported"...

          We (briefly) used a component once from a long established player that was a .Net wrapper around a COM component which was a C++ wrapper around a C core. This house of cards was susceptible to any old minor change in DLLs that were not necessarily related.

  2. phuzz Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    I've not used BackupExec since I left my old job.

    Feels good :)

  3. James 29

    Backup Exec

    People still use that? Switched to Veeam and never looked back!

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is why...

    You don't back up to the cloud or use online backup software. Instead get yourself something which can be used offline. Also get yourself a cheap NAS or even an external USB disk will do, then you can plug it in and back up your stuff to it. Just leave your computer running for the night and you should be fine.

    1. Electron Shepherd

      Re: This is why...

      That's fine for the smaller shop. It's quite hard to just "plug an external USB disk" into that 100TB SAN that the bigger boys use...

  5. Wolfclaw Silver badge

    How on earth do Microsoft think they are going to have business confidence for Windows as a service, when they constantly are borking things. I want to know which idiot in the Server 2016 development team thought it would be a great idea to have enforced restarts !

    1. Barry Rueger Silver badge

      Up vote!

      GF compliant that W10 forced restart disables the alarm she set to wake her in the morning.

      Updates are set to only happen at 3am because they ALWAYS interrupted something critical.

  6. x 7

    Backup Exec has been a PITA like this for years. If you install it after other programs using .NET it'll kill them. Regular headache in GP surgeries

  7. Herby Silver badge

    Windows bug fix

    Another oxymoron.

    Enough said.

  8. Somone Unimportant

    WSUS also got borked

    Patch 3210132 also borked my WSUS server with "failure to contact database" style errors.

    Only the second time this year that WSUS has been killed by its own patches.

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