back to article Robotics is coming on leaps and bounds – literally: Bushbaby bot most vertically agile yet

Roboticists from the University of California, Berkeley, have built the “most vertically agile” robot, capable of jumping better than humans. Salto, the pint-sized robot, can jump up to a metre in height in less than a second. It stands for saltatorial locomotion on terrain obstacles, and is modeled on one of nature’s most …

  1. 2+2=5 Silver badge

    Underwhelmed by the video

    So, basically it's no more advanced than a suction-cup jumping toy from a Christmas cracker, with no apparent progress on the difficult bits: namely aiming the jump and holding on to whatever it lands on?

    1. Deebster

      Re: Underwhelmed by the video

      It's not clear at all, but that video is of the TAUB robot that is the current high-jumping champion.

      The Salto video is better but still doesn't live up to what's in your head.

    2. Brian Miller

      Re: Underwhelmed by the video

      The point is that it can jump, re-cock its mechanism in flight, and jump again when it comes into contact with its next target. Pretty decent, and I'd like to see it as a kit.

      1. Yesnomaybe

        Re: Underwhelmed by the video

        "Underwhelmed" was my first thought also, so I was disappointed to find the term had been used already in the comments. That won't stop me though. I WAS underwhelmed. I think the kids made something similar with an upside-down mousetrap a little while back.

    3. You aint sin me, roit

      Re: Underwhelmed by the video

      Spring loaded suction cup was precisely what sprung to my mind!

      This whole idea of height * rate seems a bit unfair to me - it doesn't take into account the size of the jumper, putting our insect friends at a considerable disadvantage.

      Instead of emulating a bushbaby why not look at the humble flea - after all they article notes that the height record is held by a locust-alike.

  2. Eddy Ito Silver badge

    Salto video here. I believe the trick is being able to sequence jumps for greater height rather than holding on after jumping.

    1. Flywheel Silver badge

      Salto looks impressive - imagine a 6-ft tall version!

  3. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    Re: 2+2=5

    Yeah, well the people have got wise to the $20,000 hammers in the budget, so this is the $20,000,000 replacement.

  4. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    "Really, Q, we must get them in the shops for christmas."

  5. Stoneshop Silver badge

    Saeco or Jura

    Even processes like walking up stairs or making a cup of coffee require a major effort.

    Just use one of those fully automatic coffee makers.

    1. Unep Eurobats

      Re: Saeco or Jura

      "Just use one of those fully automatic coffee makers"

      It can get up the stairs? I need never get out of bed again.

  6. Ru'

    Surely the "new" units they came up with should be written ms, not m/s (which I believe may already be used as a unit of speed)?

    But I, for one, welcome our new randomly jumping overlords.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The terms "AI" and "Robot" are completely over-used these days. At a guess, I'd say it's nothing more than a marketing tool to get more interest in whatever you happen to be doing.

  8. GrahamRJ

    Or get a small dog

    I used to have cocker spaniels. At the moment we're looking after a friend's Westie. Believe me, if they can see food anywhere which is remotely reachable, their jump height and "recock" speed for another jump is unreal. Cairn terriers are probably the best though - I considered buying one of those at one time. I swear I checked the floor of their enclosure to see if they had a trampoline, because the puppies seemed to be levitating.

  9. Alistair Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    military bouncing robot

    - "betty".

    <what? Me? Cynical?>

  10. Adam 1

    two things

    > US Army backs droid for search and rescue missions

    Yeah. That's definitely the use case they have in mind. The other one plays jingle bells.

    > Roboticists

    That has got to be the most awesome job title for your business card.

    -- Adam 1 - Roboticist

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