back to article Pure Storage is betting its FlashArray farm on NVMe

At a high level, Pure believes NVMe is poised to unlock the next generation of performance and density gains, and any modern all-flash array needs to be ready to take advantage. It plans to enable NVMe with tier 1 resiliency and enterprise data services for everyone, refusing to see it as expensive, exotic, high-performance …

  1. EastFinchleyite


    I got as far as "architected" but was distracted by a loud whirring sound that turned out to be the ghost of my O Level English teacher spinning in her grave.

    Sorry Liz.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: OED

      You have the winningest comment of the day!

  2. dikrek

    So many Captain Obvious points...

    Hi all, Dimitris from Nimble here.

    My viewpoint was posted here:

    I did state that even without NVMe drives in the array, speeds would overall be improved if the client side adopts NVMe over Fabrics.

    In general, this whole business with NVMe is all about vendors trying to get mindshare about a technology that everyone will have anyway. Trying to build differentiation where there is none.

    It's pretty simple:

    1. The NVMe protocol itself helps increase headroom a bit, which means arrays will get a bit more efficient

    2. It shaves 15-20 microseconds of latency at the protocol stack (which isn't significant for NVMe SSDs - 100 microseconds vs 115 microseconds won't set the world on fire)

    3. AFA controllers are already maxed out with current-gen SSDs.

    Nimble's architecture is NVMe-ready, and other vendors' too. It's not rocket science, it's more about waiting for the right bits to drop in price and customers to be willing to adopt NVMe all the way to the client.

    The more exciting tech is next-gen byte-addressable storage like 3D Xpoint and the like, sitting in a DIMM. Not everyone is ready for THAT tech... ;)

    FYI, NVMe is positively glacial in every way compared to non-volatile memory in a DIMM. Nimble has been using byte-addressable NVDIMM-N instead of NVRAM for a while now...



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