back to article Searching for 'Fatty Kim the Third' banned on Chinese social media

If you're in China today and feel like doing something futile, try searching for “Fatty Kim the Third” or the Chinese equivalent "Jin San Pang" - Google translate says that's "金圣庞" - on social media. The delightful epithet is a colloquial term for the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Jong Un. …

  1. Notas Badoff

    Gugle Trainslate

    Try "金三胖" as I derived and then found elsewhere. Google Translate's equivalent to "have you powered it off and on" is to try to reverse translate. Sometimes you even discover it has dropped minor words like 'not' as is "I do not want you to shave my yak".

    1. Field Commander A9

      Try "金三胖"

      This is correct.

    2. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      Re: Gugle Trainslate

      You sure you spelled it right?

      Fatty Kim the Third, not Fatty Kim the Turd.

      1. wolfetone Silver badge

        Re: Gugle Trainslate

        "Fatty Kim the Third, not Fatty Kim the Turd."

        He's not Irish. Thank God.

      2. bombastic bob Silver badge

        Re: Gugle Trainslate

        "Fatty Kim the Third"

        I can think up a bunch MORE nice names for Mr. Kim III, which include anything said to describe Cartman in S. Park. Oh, and 'Cartman' too. "RESPECT! MY! AUTHORITAH!" [Imagine 'Dough Boy' saying THAT on camera!]

        And when China bans THOSE search terms, we'll just have to make up NEW ones.

    3. Bob Wheeler

      Re: Gugle Trainslate

      The burning questions is why would you want to shave your yak?

      1. Teiwaz Silver badge

        Re: Gugle Trainslate

        The burning questions is why would you want to shave your yak?

        - Why do a lot of women shave their, erm, yak?

        For a nice bikini line...To enter it in the Tour de France?

        I'm off to add a few more verses to Bananas in Pajamas...

      2. Erroneous Howard

        Re: Gugle Trainslate

        Surely the question is why would you NOT want to shave your yak? Sounds like a fun activity for weekends to me.

    4. Florida1920

      Re: Gugle Trainslate

      Baidu: "Sorry, I did not find " Kim Sam-fat " relevant pages."

      Searching Baidu for "Jin San Pang" and translating to English produces a slew of stuff like "Baidu search Jin San Pang you will find what look landlord favorites."

      Finally, some words for China, even if they aren't listening: You are judged by the company you keep. If you continue to prop up that fat little bitch, you dishonor your country. Yes, every country has its pet tyrant-clients, but that's no excuse and Kim is an especially horrible little perv.

  2. redpawn Silver badge

    I can't wait for the next one

    From "Great Leader" to "Dear Leader" now "Fatty Kim the Third". Looks like a geometric progression.

  3. Field Commander A9

    The Chinese character for fat (胖) is made from a character for moon(月) on the left and a character for half(半) on the right. So you see when you really want to give that F.A.T feel or trying to avoid censorship, you can separate the character 胖 in to 2 characters 月 半 (lit. "moon half")

    1. razorfishsl

      Yes they choose the slang VERY well, unfortunately much of this is missed by foreigners and translation programs.

      Same as they miss the content of a Black Adder joke

  4. Scroticus Canis
    Big Brother

    Kim Jong Dim Sum

    NorK's answer to the Pillsbury Dough boy.

    1. Mike Richards

      Re: Kim Jong Dim Sum

      This is crying out for someone with better video editing skills than me to drop his rotund form into the climactic scene from 'Ghostbusters'.

    2. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: Kim Jong Dim Sum

      NorK's answer to the Pillsbury Dough boy.

      But can he make pastries?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what's the problem?

    after all, our own Glorious Leader has already re-affirmed we're best pals with the Chinese government, never mind those irrelevant minor irregularities on the human rights front. "You keep your plebs the way you like them, and we'll keep our plebs the same way here" and it's business as usual. You have your Great Firewall, we have our Snooper's Charter, we're essentially no different. Now, as to harvesting spare parts of those on the death sentence row... well, let's keep an open mind, we're on the right track!

    1. HamsterNet

      Re: what's the problem?

      Yer just the same!

      Our government snoop on your meta data to see work out who's in who's networks, then who should be surveyed. Then if enough evidence of law breaking can be gathered to pass to the CPS to arrest and go through the public courts.

      They don't come to your house and put you in a concentration camp for posting online comments about Mrs May. You won't end up publicly executed along with all your family for suggesting there should be a different goverment.

      You are free to get any job you like, Yak shaver included.

      You can own things, property, say anything you like, you can VOTE . You can google images of shaved yacks, even male versions if that peaks your interest. In fact you have a huge amount of personal freedoms and rights.

    2. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: what's the problem?

      I had to read most of your comment before I realized you weren't talking about the US. <whew> But the question is: "Will it be the UK or the US who gets to the bottom first?".

      As for harvesting parts... let's not give our Dear Leaders any ideas, shall we?

  6. chivo243 Silver badge

    another phrase banned due to bullying

    Phatty, phatty bumbulatti is now classified as hate speech...

  7. jake Silver badge

    Not "Fat Elvis II"?

    There is always time to start :-)

    1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Not "Fat Elvis II"?

      Now I have that mental image of Kim in a Las Vegas stage outfit singing 'Viva North Korea' ...


      1. bombastic bob Silver badge

        Re: Not "Fat Elvis II"?


        You'll see that in 'Team America II'. Along with more puppet nastiness.

  8. anthonyhegedus Silver badge

    All joking aside, Kim Jong Un is a murderer. We shouldn't forget that he is personally behind the suffering of thousands of people, if not millions. He is a destabilising influence to the entire world, and now Trump wants to be buddies with him. The world has gone stark staring mad. An evil, dangerous and murderous tyrant is worshipped by his subjects and protected by China. My router is chinese.

    1. boltar Silver badge

      "He is a destabilising influence to the entire world, and now Trump wants to be buddies with him. The world has gone stark staring mad."

      There's nothing the West can do about Kim & NK while its de facto protected by China, so better to try and make peace so thats one less potential flashpoint in east asia. God knows, there are enough others.

    2. druck Silver badge

      The UNHCR left out execution by anti-aircraft weapon, which he reserves for his personal favourites.

    3. razorfishsl

      Never under estimate the power of lampooning a character of hatred, it is a form of subversion to bring about change.

      They used it on Hitler and the Nazis, unfortunately Hillary's skill in this area completely backfired.....

    4. bombastic bob Silver badge

      "now Trump wants to be buddies with him"

      first I heard of THAT. Source, please, [or I'll just assume it's B.S.]. And no, "the Onion" isn't a source.

  9. boltar Silver badge

    Valuable ally translation:

    "Useful proxy to irritate the amercans with and keep them on their toes."

    I very much doubt the leadership has any more love for NK & Kim than does its people, but he's a useful tool for them. At the moment. As soon as china loses interest in NK and casts it adrift which will happen eventually the Kim dynasty is pretty much history.

    1. PhilipN Silver badge

      Re: Valuable ally translation:

      More, much more. The PLA fought in Korea alongside the (North) Koreans and are blood brothers. The PLA has huge sway over high level decisions in the PRC. That's why each new guy who pops up in Beijing wants to get himself appointed head honcho of the PLA.

      60 years or so is just a blip on the screen when it comes to Chinese history.

  10. Commswonk Silver badge

    That can't be right...

    Half-moon Kim?

    Full moon Kim would be closer to the mark; perhaps even Super moon Kim, given the recent astronomical phenomenon.

    I think western political leaders have to be given credit for one thing if no other, and that is their ability to withstand endless lampooning by the media and the general population.

    Perhaps we should rename him Mr Creosote, and hope that he experiences the same fate.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    meet Theresa, she'd love to hear a few of your ideas!

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My apologies

    for suggesting we're on the level of North Korea. We're waaay off. What I meant is that we're heading in their direction and it's a long and arduous path. But hey, we're lalready SO MUCH CLOSER to our Chinese pals!

    1. Commswonk Silver badge

      Re: My apologies

      What I meant is that we're heading in their direction

      Not while there is a "Register" on which we are free to post (more or less) what we like, we aren't.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: My apologies

        we, the country, ARE heading that way. And there will be time to take care of the Registers and such too :(

      2. Geoffrey W Silver badge

        Re: My apologies

        RE: "Not while there is a "Register" on which we are free to post..."

        The Register, among others, is a register (pun intended) where malcontents and trouble makers can self-register their existence so that when the purges begin they can be sanitized before they become problems. Tolerance can be a very useful tool for the guardians of society.

  13. MJI Silver badge

    How about

    Mr Blobby?

  14. sven257

    Dropping of a fun fact

    "Fat Man" was the name of the second atomic bomb after "Little Boy".

    1. Commswonk Silver badge

      Re: Dropping of a fun fact

      And the then Chris (now Lord) Patten was named Fatty Pang by Hong Kong's population when he was Governor; if Wikipedia is to be believed this nicknaming was done "affectionately". I certainly don't remember any diplomatic incidents arising from it anyway.

      Some politicians - notably dictators - need to develop thicker skins. IIRC Super Moon even kicked off when some people started to copy his hair style. (If it can be called a "style".)

    2. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

      Re: Dropping of a fun fact

      Fat Man: second bomb dropped - third bomb built and detonated.

      Trinity was the first, but wasn't dropped.

      The best kind of correct is technically correct... now where are those bloody dried frog pills...

  15. thomn8r

    I honestly thought this was going to be about the Kardashians...

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