back to article HP Ink shrinks workstations to puckish form factor

HP Ink has decided that workstations need to follow the business PC trend of shrinking into form factors resembling the Apple Mini or even the Apple TV. The new HP Z2 G3 Mini Workstation therefore packs fifth-generation Xeons, aka Skylake, into a box just 21.6cm c 21.6cm by 5.9cm (8.5 x 8.5 x 2.28 inches). Cunning Reg readers …

  1. Detective Emil


    One of the nice things about Apple's, umm, mature Mac Mini is that it has an internal power supply. Like all the competition (AFAICT), the Z2 G3 has (will have) an external power brick. In this case, it's 135 Watts, which means that it will be big, and that the workstation will potentially be very noisy if its fans have to shift all that heat out of a small space.

  2. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    less powerful

    than my Lenovo P50 laptop which has an Skylake i7 (Xeon capable), 16GB ram (64GB capable), and 2TB of SSD (1TB SATA 2x512GB NVMe), and Nvidia M2000M 4GB GPU, running Linux Mint 17 MATE.

    My laptop is a bit bigger(14.86" x 9.93" x 0.96-1.16") probably because it has to include a full sized keyboard and 15.6" LCD.

    Though I'm assuming it's cheaper than my $3400 laptop(probably doesn't include a 4k screen by default even though I run mine in 1080p). I don't see pricing for this new HP thing anywhere.

    I love HP Proliant and 3PAR though this workstation doesn't seem like much of a workstation if a basic laptop easily out classes it. (I have a HP xw9400 workstation next to me here though it is about a decade old, by no means is it small though).

    per above poster my laptop is pretty quiet and comes with a 170W external AC adapter.

  3. Casper42

    HP Ink - is that a freudian slip?

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