back to article Laziness and hate drove me to invent my storage engine concept, says MariaDB's CTO

Monty Widenius, the Finnish author of MySQL and now the CTO at MariaDB — a fork of MySQL — told The Register how laziness and hate drove him to add open source columnar storage engine ColumnStore, to MariaDB. Earlier this year, amid preparations for its last funding round before potentially going public, the biz released its …

  1. fnj

    Going public???

    How can an open source project GO PUBLIC?

    1. MotionCompensation

      Re: Going public???

      I'm guessing it's the company that is going public, as in selling shares to the public.

  2. Blotto Bronze badge

    BSL sounds great. Small and large alike can tinker or even run at risk in a small ish scale whilst being a licenc payment away from running at scale. Expect m$ and co to squish this just as it gains momentum.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The danger, therein it lies.

    Hate leads to craving for action. Craving for action leads to clueless coding. Clueless coding leads to transactionless database engines.

    The dark side, it is strong!

  4. davidmstokes

    Wow! Monty invented the Calpont InfiniDB columns store software? I guess there are some folks from Calpont that will be amazed that he is taking credit for their work. Gee, when i worked at Calpont, Monty had his hands full with MariaDB. I do wish him luck. Maybe he can sell software to a marketplace that Calpont could not.

  5. mcfedr

    To be clear though, the BSL is not an open source license and MaxScale is not open source

    If it was open source in wouldnt have to pay to use it. That's part of the definition of the word.

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