back to article Cisco's job applications site leaked personal data

Cisco has fixed a vulnerability in its Professional Careers portal that may have exposed truckloads of personal information. The networking giant has sent an email to affected users in which it says a "limited set of job application related information" was leaked from the mobile version of the website, blaming an "incorrect …

  1. peter 45

    Leaks happen all the time

    Not exactly an IT related story, but quite a few years ago I rented a storage unit. Right near mine in the passageway was stacked some cardboard boxes falling apart and spilling their contents.. I had a quick peak and they were jammed full of job applications. Obviously HR had offloaded their hiring records off site. Boxes and boxes of names addresses, schooling, past employment records. The name on the boxes, Thales at Crawley.

  2. ecarlseen

    I wonder if somebody could refer them to...

    ... a company that sells products that examine outbound Internet traffic for confidential information. Surely there's one or two around that could help.

  3. CassidyHennigan

    Place the fraud alert!

    A corporate lawyer with the average salary of $101.000 (Source: Salaries Wiki) might not feature on Cisco's list and worry about personal data being leaked, but the rest of job seekers should always be careful with how much personal information is disclosed when applying. I would place that free 90-day fraud alert Cisco offered.

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