back to article Exit through the Gift Shop? US copyright chief was assigned to shop till, tweeting

The US’s top copyright expert since 2011 has been re-assigned to investigating new tills for the gift shop and brainstorming social media strategies on the orders of her new boss, US president Barack Obama appointee Carla Hayden, leaked memos reveal. The Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, who reported to new Librarian of …

  1. xeroks

    not just locked out of her computer

    The letter suggests she lost clearance to get into her office.

    I'm struggling to think who could have leaked this correspondence.

  2. John Lilburne

    Google is not essential ...

    ... I would suggest that people turn it off.

  3. tiggity Silver badge

    Pallante has now resigned

    Pallante was very pro MPAA, RIAA, Authors Guild etc.

    Hence her wanting Copyright Office outside of Library of Congress in case a proper

    librarian took charge and wanbted to make copyright in the public interst rather than that of the big cartels.

    That has probably now happened (I assume Hayden is less copyright maximalist than Pallante) & Hayden wants to keep copyright office under L of C control

    Still, plus points for a nice Banksy theme to the title


  4. tiggity Silver badge


    Mr. O.

    Based on your recent comments about Masnick / Techdirt, you may be interested that one of teh new moves by Hayden is to include Techdirt in the L of C archive

    How about Mike Masnick as new copyright office head honcho ;-)

    1. LDS Silver badge

      "make copyright in the public interst"

      public != "Google"

      Google & C. are just another big cartel. One that pays authors and performers even less than the media one.

      1. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

        Re: "make copyright in the public interst"

        @LDS you are correct, but it should be be no surprise that dirty tactics from one side had eventually invited the same from the other.

    2. Ian Michael Gumby Silver badge

      Re: Google is not essential ...

      Try it.

      You'll soon learn that you can't.

      Every site you visit... Has it running. You can use no-scrtipt or an equivalent to stop the scripts running, but you still don't know how much info is getting back to google?

      Google is a monopoly. Just not in name...

      1. td97402

        Re: Google is not essential ...

        DuckDuckGo.COM does pretty good search. Give it a try. I have switched my phone and tablet to it exclusively. Bing never has as good, or as many, results. Duck Duck Go seems like it is just as good as Google with results and no tracking.

        If you do run an ad and tracker blocker and use something other than Google search then you aren't going to be feeding too much to them.

        1. art guerrilla

          Re: Google is not essential ...

          um, from what i unnerstan, DDG is based on bing search engine...

    3. BillG

      Google is Obama's Halliburton

      Google is Obama's Halliburton.

      Google it.

      Um, on second thought, Bing it for better results.

  5. imanidiot Silver badge

    Dirty politics affoot

    I doubt it'll ever become quite clear about how any of this came to pass, but I doubt anybody involved will be found to be "clean" in any way.

  6. Terry 6 Silver badge


    It's an interesting thing.

    Google have been collecting data from almost everyone via search, store and Android - but get very little criticism, let alone condemnation, by El Reg's commentards. Even when trying to control US politics.

    Microsoft, as grim a many of their decisions may well be- no argument there, can't do anything without a pouring out of wrath. It may well be deserved wrath. I think it is. But Google don't get the same treatment.

    Personal statement, I'm not keen on Microsoft, but I loathe Google even more.

    1. Mikel

      Re: Commentards

      For progress to occur, change is required. Microsoft has grown stagnant and begun to rot from within.

      1. Nunyabiznes Silver badge

        Re: Commentards

        Progress to where is the question. Well, not really. We know where.

    2. Eddy Ito Silver badge

      Re: Commentards

      Google have been collecting data from almost everyone via search, store and Android

      Makes you wonder just how much dirt they have on Obama & Co. that it obliges him to be their lap dog.

    3. Daggerchild Silver badge

      Re: Commentards

      Personal statement, I'm not keen on Microsoft, but I loathe Google even more

      The reason we'll disagree is I'm not seeing half the stuff you say you're seeing, commentardwise or realitywise.

      Microsoft is a known quantity. What people say about it, matches what I see about it. The 'knife the baby' memos were genuine. They genuinely said and did exactly that. Their software cuts corners off protocols to win at benchmarks. Embrace Extend Extinguish. Microsoft just do these things. The sky is also blue.

      Google have the capacity to be far worse, which I agree with, but the proof I keep getting handed that they *are* evil keeps falling apart when I poke it. Look at this very story you're commenting on. Google are attached to it because they're *stapled* to it. Seriously.

      I am most certainly in the market for Good data on Bad Google, but what good is trading fakes? Why not just use the real deal?

    4. P. Lee Silver badge

      Re: Commentards

      Both are bad, but MS (and the media cartels etc) tend to use their monopoly powers to stop me getting things done while Google tends to be an enabler.

      I suspect that as we get to market saturation (or advertising saturation) we'll see Google act more like a traditional monopoly, as we are seeing with Android.

      Use less tech and more brain and more planning. Use tech you control. Be Happy.

  7. ratfox Silver badge

    Pallante had sought to modernise (PDF) the post, taking the Copyright office out of the orbit of the Librarian Congress, and making the post a direct Presidential appointee.

    That would have made sense... Maybe? Offices that are controlled by Congress seem to get often threatened with losing their budget when their decisions displease the current majority.

  8. breakfast

    Doubtful statement

    "Congress relies on the Register’s expert advice"

    I'm just not sure that many law makers are tuning in to get the latest from Vulture Central. They might make better decisions around technology if they were.

    1. LDS Silver badge

      Re: Doubtful statement

      It's the Register (of Copyright), not The Register....

      1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

        Re: Doubtful statement

        You've missed Mycrotech's Sarcasm Early Warning Device Recall Notice, haven't you?

  9. Tom 38 Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Congress relies on the Register’s expert advice

    ... as do we all

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: Congress relies on the Register’s expert advice

      Yep, I think most of us probably did a double take on that bit of the article. No doubt Andrew O. had a good chortle while writing it and will be pleased he got the desired effect :-)

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Congress relies on the Register’s expert advice

        I'm pretty sure they've even been known to read the comments here.

        1. mics39

          Re: Congress relies on the Register’s expert advice

          Actually some of them are even commentards.

  10. MiguelC Silver badge

    "Do no evil"

    Now go write that a googol times...

  11. EveryTime Silver badge

    No mystery here.

    The shit hit the fan with the FCC issue, and the subsequent misleading testimony (AKA "lying") to congress.

    When law professors feel the need to write a joint letter pointing out that you have the law exactly backwards, people do notice.

    I was guessing that the result would be the usual verbal request for an eventual resignation, with a few months for finding a new position. Although the extreme measure of disabling computer access suggests that provable corruption was involved.

    1. Mikel

      Re: No mystery here.

      Perhaps examination of her emails revealed that they didn't want her to send any more of them in her official capacity. Probably for her own good.

    2. anoco

      Re: No mystery here.

      [quote] Mikel

      Ah there it is

      She lied to Congress on the set top box thing, on behalf of the MPAA.[/quote]

      Funny that as I read the article I thought the locked out order indicated the need to preserve evidence for future legal action.

      Instead of following this lead, the author decided to take the song licensing path and take a shot at Google.

      Not that Google doesn't deserve ill will, but gratuitous attacks tend to backfire and have people defend the attacked, just like what I'm doing now.

      The culprit here seems to be the MPAA and Palante.

  12. Mikel

    Ah there it is

    She lied to Congress on the set top box thing, on behalf of the MPAA.

    1. ecofeco Silver badge

      Re: Ah there it is

      Oh ho! Well that pretty says it all. I take my comment to a previous article on this subject.

      1. ecofeco Silver badge

        Re: Ah there it is

        "Take BACK my.."

        Phones. Sheesh.

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