back to article Want to use 3D XPoint DIMMs with Intel Purley Xeons? Wait a couple of years for second-gen

Intel will fab Xeon processors that support 3D XPoint DIMMs in two years, its CEO signaled to analysts on a conference call this month. 3D XPoint is Micron and Intel's post-NAND, non-volatile memory technology that is claimed to be faster than NAND, with near-DRAM speed, and denser and longer endurance. It is intended to fill …

  1. Novex

    Delays, delays...

    The more I read about 'delays' with XPoint, the more I feel Intel and Micron's initial announcement in 2015 was a bluff of sorts to try and steal the game from the likes of Nantero and their NRAM. I reckon Intel are trying to tie up the various vendors into their tech as much as possible, hoping that any competing NVDIMM tech will have a harder time getting adopted.

    1. P0l0nium

      Re: Delays, delays...

      The press have a serious case of "Münchhausen syndrome by Proxy" over Xpoint.

      Intel said they would be sampling in Q4 and taking revenue in Q1... and they never promised that gen1 Purley would support Xpoint DIMMs

      Where's the "bluff" and where's the delay ??

  2. Computurd

    the ceo is speaking about on=package 3DXP, not dimms. Dimms will work with anything with proper code support, it dosnt require a hardware change to the CPU.

  3. luis river

    Next generation projects

    My vision: HPE next "memristor project" is already working correctly on mass NVM matrix and photonics on chip is one reality in project "The machine" I believe HPE had advance to Intel research next generation projects.

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