back to article Slowmo Violin train crash still sliding down the tracks

Violin Memory’s stock is slowmo crashing, and is now down to $0.35; it was $0.65 on October 11. This values the company at just $8.85 million. The firm’s market capitalization was $20.24m on September 26, $31.3m in early May, and $76.5m in February – there has been a decline of around 88 per cent in value since then. Violin …

  1. froberts2

    2nd split doesn't help

    Another reverse split doesn't help them, as they are also below the $50 Million market cap number which also triggers a delisting.

    1. Nate Amsden

      Re: 2nd split doesn't help

      Why even care if they are listed anyway. One of the first companies i worked for got deliated probably in 2001. They are still alive (no idea how) and still trading on pink sheets? Something like a dime a share. When i was hired in 2000 my options were in the 5 dollar range. It never saw 5 dollars again after I was hired. Fortunately for me I never bought the stock.

      Just delist and get it over with

  2. fajensen Silver badge

    Circling the Drain

    ... while doing Reverse Splits all the way to the Pink Sheets Market. Has a ring to it. Maybe as an Olympic discipline or maybe some off-colour (pervert) performance art they do in Amsterdam (for money).

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