back to article HPE tops in tape. Yes, tape is still a thing

IDC says HPE is the big cheese in the tape systems market, getting more revenue from streaming ribbons of rust devices than anybody else. The research firm's Worldwide Quarterly Tape Tracker for the first half of 2016 says HPE is the tape device primary canine because it's number 1 in : stand-alone tape drives with 5X the …

  1. jms222

    So you can't your data in a jiffy

    So by using tape you can't easily destroy terabytes of data in a jiffy, now even more extreme with SSD, with a poorly thought out command ?

    This is bad how ?

  2. Solmyr ibn Wali Barad

    ribbons of trust?

    Seems like I misread the subheading a bit.

    But hey ho, there's a point to be made. People can indeed trust the rust - when it's safely tucked away, out of the reach of cryptolocker trojans. Nothing to sneer at.

    1. DonL

      Re: ribbons of trust?

      And with the physical write protect switch enabled, little can go wrong during a restore.

  3. Loud Speaker

    Anyone who would buy into an Oracle proprietary format should be kept away from purchasing by any means possible.

  4. Hans 1 Silver badge

    > taking share from other vendors in this mature, declining market is paying off.

    Now, that is what I call intelligent ... take shares in Titanic while she's sinking ... d'oh!!!!

    Who is using tape anyway ? No, whatever you say, there are far better alternatives for each and every use case that are even much cheaper!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Tape is useless?

      Huh? No one uses tape, and there are cheaper ways of storing data...Sorry which planet do you live on?

      Why then do people like Google, yahoo, Microsoft Bing, the Met Office, post production companies along with other small/medium and large companies all use tape? Because it's cheap, requires less space and cooling than any other technology. The main reason why they use tape is the cost benefit of tape, it's very clear to see when your storing 10-100's of PB's of data. Especially when you compare it to the cost of disk or flash over the 3-5 life span of a disk or flash system of similar size.

      A fantastic advantage of tape is that it gives you the safety of an air gap, between your live data, and your DR copy. So if ransom ware get onto your network and control of your disk arrays, and render them useless unless you paid $$$. With a tape copy of your arrays, you can just format your arrays and pull all the data back from the last backup you did before you were attacked. Provided you do backups of course.....

      One last point before I go, disk has hit the limits of space at roughly 8TB's and is struggling hard to go beyond that. Were as currently tape technology like LTO-7 can do 6TB per tape, and the TS1150 technology can do 10TB per tape. Now thats not much bigger than disk at the moment. But tape manufactures have a long way to go, before they hit the limits of tape technology. So tape will soon over take disk, and continue to get more and more dense, while spinning disk will be replaced by flash. So is tape dead and useless? Not at all, its just getting started!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Data Protector

    Wondering how / why dumping HPE Data Protector along with all the other HPE Software assets, is seen as good move?

  6. nilfs2
    Paris Hilton

    How do you restore from a tape...

    ...if the tape reader needed is not available anymore and/or not compatible with newer technology?

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