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OpenBSD now has a native hypervisor. The vmm subsystem has been in the works since at least September 2015 but this week reached "in-tree" status so is in new OS snapshots. Only Intel hosts are possible. ® OpenBSD 5.7 logo

  1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    It will be interesting to compare

    I bet some of the security and isolation improvements are going to be "pinched" by qemu/kvm on very short order.

    1. Gert Leboski

      Re: It will be interesting to compare

      As a long time OpenBSD user, since 3.7, I fully welcome this.

      I haven't yet played with VMM, but may do so, once I can free up some physical hardware. I'm not confident of getting a properly working virtualised environment if I nest this on ESXi.

      1. Nate Amsden

        Re: It will be interesting to compare

        As an openbsd user since 3.5, sounds cool but don't need it.

        Vmware works fine(even with openbsd as a guest i use this config personally to insert a firewall inbetween my personal linux and windows VMs and the internet on my co located server, also use openbsd at home as internet gateway. )

        Haven't used it at a company in a professional manor in a decade. For some reason i have to reboot the openbsd firewall in a VM every year or so, network performance tanks and is magically fixed by reboot.

        Openbsd pf is awesome though.

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