back to article Oracle rip-off merchants Rimini Street fined another $28m, hit with permanent ban

Rimini Street has been hit with yet another fine for infringing Oracle's copyright, as well as a permanent injunction barring it from providing any Oracle software to customers. In a judgment [PDF] on Tuesday, a Nevada judge fined the company $27.7m in prejudgment interest – with more to come. He also issued a permanent …

  1. a_yank_lurker Silver badge


    Leisure Larry may have learned something from the Google debacle - bully someone weaker than you whom you bankrupt with shyster bills.

    1. WolfFan Silver badge

      Re: Orabully

      If it's true that they're selling Oracle of software without permission, then surely they _should_ get whacked, shouldn't they? Perhaps you know more about this than was in the article. Please share. Just because they're Oracle doesn't mean that they're in the wrong.

      1. Loud Speaker

        Re: Orabully

        Regardless of who is right in this case, the fewer people exposed to the horrors of Oracle software, the better.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Orabully

      Even though Oracle have done some ugly stuff themselves (such as the "no-more-Oracle-for-Itanic" stunt) it looks like in this case they are on the receiving end of the dodgy dealings.

    3. iRadiate

      Re: Orabully

      How does kicking a thief in the testes make the victim a bully?

  2. Stevie Silver badge


    Look, people, the bottom line is this: Oracle will let you download their software so you can see how it works, do a bit of free-as-in-beer self-training and generally benefit from Oracle's largess.

    This sort of thievery will have one inevitable end - no more free Oracle products for anyone under any circumstances.

    Now: with that firmly understood, do you *still* want to give this "Rimini Street" operation the benefit of the doubt even after it has lost the civil suit it defended against Oracle? Because it is likely hurting your own interests.

    Remember, no-one claimed they couldn't afford to go into court. "Sue until they drop it" is not an issue here (yet). Rimini Street is even saying they can go another ten rounds by appealing.

    My take: Rimini Street has been proved to be infringing on Oracle's turf. Good enough for me.

    Which says nothing about my stance on Oracle licensing or the quality of what they make and/or sell. Those are issues for a different thread.

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