back to article Just minding your own business, doing HCI. Suddenly you're inside ... a magic quadrant

Gartner's gnomic gurus have shone their light on the hyper-converged/integrated system suppliers and devised a new magic quadrant, following on from its August 2015 effort. SimpliVity gets the big promotion, from a visionary last year to a leader this year. The other changes are: HPE jumps to the front of the leaders, …

  1. asdf Silver badge

    good ole Gartner

    Funny how your companies position in their magic quadrants are directly correlated with how much money you send Gartner's way. At least El Reg would never be lazy enough to just publish what Gartner's PR flacks tell them too.

  2. Captain DaFt

    To get your own copy of the report summary,

    I'll do it only if it's soft and comes in 2 ply.

    "click here and register."

    >Gales of derisive laughter<

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gartner is a joke. Just like when they said pure storage revenues were X an turned out to be off by 50+%. They don't do any independent research or thinking of their own they just get wined and dined by vendors and take what they say at face value. If a gartner chart can completely change in 1 year you can draw one of two conclusions. 1. They screwed up last year. 2. Someone gave them more TLC in the current year. None of the vendors that had massive changes in position released any earth shattering products that warrant such a different looking chart.

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