back to article It's executive whack-a-mole at Big Data replicator WANdisco

Sacked WANdisco CEO Dave Richards is back in post just seven working days after being ousted; the chairman of the board has now resigned along with another director, and also Erik Miller, the recently-appointed CFO. On September 29 CEO Dave Richards was fired at a breakfast meeting by non-exec chairman Paul Walker at London’s …

  1. Steven Roper

    Game of Thrones

    with Dave Richards in the role of Cersei Lannister...

  2. Fatman Silver badge

    "Karma" is such a B*tch!!!!

    It is pleasing to see the beancounters on the losing side of a corporate cock fight.

    Someone forgot the first rule of corporate power: Make SURE that you have the stockholders backing before you fire a CEO.

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