back to article Ubuntu tees up OpenStack on IBM's iron

Canonical’s OpenStack spin has landed on IBM’s Power hardware as part of zSystems' Linux stack. The Ubuntu shop’s cloud has been released for IBM’s zSeries IBM LinuxOne and on IBM Power Systems. Canonical’s cloud will run on IBM’s planned LC servers, announced in April. The servers run OpenPOWER – from the group building …

  1. jms222

    Linux with IBM ?

    I still can't square Linux and the millenial's open source release and break every five minutes with IBM's decades of binary compatibility.

    Actually if it's POWER rather than 360 it's only a couple of decades.

    1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

      Re: Linux with IBM ?

      Well, a couple of decades plus a bit.

      AIX on POWER (original RIOS processors) was released in 1990 (26 years ago) and running before that in 1989.

      Not that long ago, I found a binary compiled on AIX 3.2.5 (probably compiled on a 7013 model 530) which ran on AIX 5.3, and I don't see any reason why this particular binary would not work on AIX 7.2.

      These systems are not members of the Linux only POWER family, according to the link to the brochure. They will run AIX and IBM i/OS as well as Linux.

      And I think that you may find that some 360 mode programs no longer run on the latest zSeries, as they've slowly been retiring some of the older execution modes on the later mainframes. I think that everything 370XA mode or earlier will not run without being re-linked.

      1. Jim Mitchell

        Re: Linux with IBM ?

        AIX's goal is forward compatibility, which it has mostly achieved in my experience.

        On the zSeries front, the platform has mostly grown by accretion, so lots of old program code will still function, with minimal porting work.

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