back to article Super Typhoon Meranti threatens Taiwan and China

A colossal tropical storm called Super Typhoon Meranti is threatening Taiwan and China. The storm is said to be the most powerful recorded on Earth this year thanks to winds expected to top 250km/h. About 50cm of rain is expected to fall in a day as the storm passes. Previous storms of this magnitude resulted in thousands of …

  1. Tom Paine Silver badge

    Wunderground blog

    As always, see Jeff Masters' Wunderground blog (and the remarkably high signal / low noise comments) for far more than you ever wanted to know.

  2. Paul Woodhouse

    Typhoon's in Taiwan are mainly fun, on the West side of the island at least, been through a few, the entire nation just sits and watches weather reports on TV and drinks Gao Liang... In towns in the East like HuaLien its somewhat more scary and it can be a pain travelling about in the aftermath especially getting to the tea farms in the mountains as a lot of the roads get damaged.

  3. Nolveys

    Time To Buy Hard Drives?

    The last time Taiwan experienced excessive moisture HDD prices went through the roof. Any chance of this happening again?

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