back to article African Ring of Fire to show up at annular solar eclipse

Tomorrow’s morning sky will be temporarily blotted by an inky blackness as the Sun disappears behind the moon, leaving a dazzling ‘ring of fire’ in an annular solar eclipse over Africa. For those who aren’t lucky enough to observe this phenomenon, robotic telescope service Slooh will host live coverage of the event on the web …

  1. Chris G Silver badge

    African ring of fire

    That reminds me of an outstanding curry a Ghanaian mate once cooked for me!

    1. james 68

      Re: African ring of fire

      I had a curry, and now my ring's on fire..

      It burns, burns, burns.

      My ring's on fire.... my ring's on fire.

      (Good ol' Johnny Cash, my coat is the one with asbestos lining)

  2. WonkoTheSane Silver badge

    Wondering exactly where?

    Linky shows eclipse path:-

  3. m0rt Silver badge

    That diagram seems to indicate the moons orbit goes over the poles.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Tautologously repetitious

    ... antumbra shadow ...

    I'll get me coat.

  5. Phil Endecott Silver badge

    Rubbish diagram.

    It seems to show sun, moon and earth with spacings that correspond to an annular eclipse - but then bends the lines so that it shows a total eclipse.

  6. Unep Eurobats

    Nothing to be seen in Blighty


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nothing to be seen in Blighty

      Even if it was the most stunning, complete, fantastic eclipse for the last 2 million years, it would be cloudy in the UK.

  7. TechnicalBen Silver badge

    Is the picture to scale?

  8. jasonkingisklytus

    African Ring of Fire 2016

    Bear witness to a rare african annular solar eclipse 2016 aka ring of fire visible in the great plains of africa were madagascar will be on the spotlight at

  9. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

    Bit of a damp squib

    First the feed from Slooh went wonky. Then the photos of the eclipse disappeared from the feed as well.

    World+dog is to be blamed for this. :p

    My kids was able to watch it live though, with the proper safety precautions.

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