back to article Huawei's pricey new Honor goes upmarket. Bold move when prices are sliding

Last year Huawei launched its Honor smartphone into Western markets: a cheap and cheerful way to showcase its advantages. Over in China, the Honor was about yoof, but over here, Huawei followed the well-trodden path by lower cost Asian manufacturers for decades: sell decent tech at low prices and urge the punter to overlook the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'Dat rubber coating though

    Does a good rubber coating for plastic exist*? I've only encountered two kinds, both of which looked and felt good to begin with but don't age well**. The first being the black Psion 5 coating which peeled off in bits, and the other that becomes sticky.

    * Silicone rubber 'skins' don't count

    ** I know, who cares about that; we're talking about disposable tech here.

  2. Chika


    I refurbed my Honor 6 last week. I suspect that it will be a while before I even think about replacing, to be honest, especially considering that it's about a year and a half old, doesn't look that different to the later models and does everything I want it to.

    But then Huawei aren't the only ones that are running out of new ideas for must-have gimmicks.

  3. alain williams Silver badge

    Looks like a market there ...

    Buying second hand 'phones in India for $90, import them back to the UK and sell for £100. I might buy one of those.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    > Those £550 flagship handsets

    Post AC, since my £739 handset is on pre-order....

  5. djstardust Silver badge

    This is where it all goes wrong ....

    My son has the Honor 7, got it for his birthday last October,

    He is prerry picky when it comes to tech and he is overjoyed with it. Loves the audio quality, camera, speed of the handset and screen.

    At £250 it was a good enough price, but with the introductory discount we got it for £210 which was brilliant.

    I said at the time once Huawei / Honor got established in the UK they would hike their prices up and here we have it. Just like Hyundai & Kia did in the car market.

    It's probably a decent handset for £349 but not a bargain any more .... and that might be the deal breaker.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: This is where it all goes wrong ....

      I really don't see how anyone can justify spending this amount when the P9 Lite is £149 at Vodafone (or at least it was a few weeks ago when I bought two) and have all most people need: a current processor, 3 GB RAM, 3000 mAh battery, fingerprint scanner and good camera.

      I know, you will say that this has a more powerful processor, but my P9 lite is really snappy already (*) so not sure what improvement is really to me made there.

      * Nova Launcher does help.

  6. tiggity Silver badge

    finite limit on flagship market

    Flagship handsets are an excessive luxury for many people who make do with cheaper phones that are good enough to do day to day stuff, but it's the usual scenario of selling less "premium" product at a higher margin per item, or more "standard" kit with less margin per item.

    There's either a lot of people happy to splash a lot of money on flagship phones (I could buy a decent PC for less than many phones!) or a lot of manufacturers will be struggling to shift enough "flagship" items to make it worthwhile.

    I'm on SIM only, for just over 100 quid got (new, not used) 8 core, 3Gb RAM, Marshmallow, dual SIM and separate SD slot phablet size phone - a bit rough and ready and not of "flagship" quality but cheap and cheerful & and no need to insure it as cheap enough to replace if it gets damaged.

    Your average (good) independent phone shop will normally have a good range of cheap used stuff - a shame most people use the big name high street outlets instead

  7. Dead Parrot

    I quite like Huawei...

    .. my current mobe is one of them, because I needed one in a hurry, brought one as a stop-gap, and 14 months later I'm still looking for a 'proper' phone that's better... I resell TP-Link routers for the same reason

    I wish the buggers could spell "Honour" though. Seriously, guys, if you want to give your phone an English name, at least fire up the fucking dictionary and pick a word we all spell the same. "Trumpwomble" might be worth a go.

    1. therebel

      Re: I quite like Huawei...

      You might want to fire up the dictionary and look up the difference between brought and bought.

    2. Chika

      Re: I quite like Huawei...

      I wish the buggers could spell "Honour" though.

      Depends on the context. Remember Honor Blackman?

      Mind you, during my quest for knowledge on how to cure a swollen Honor 6 battery I came across an article - Indian maybe - that insisted on using the spelling "Honour". Not sure if that is a difference in branding in the Asian subcontinent or the author's spell checker at work.

  8. Sir Sham Cad

    Rubber backs and Flagships

    So I've ordered an LG G5 on the basis that, apparently, the paint on the metal body is a bit "plasticky" and it's a flagship phone. Also does that gimmicky dual main camera thing which I'm not sure about. Also the "Friends" modular thing which is very beta. That said, the last phone I owned that felt as good in the hand was the Moto G 4G Gen 1 and that's biblically old and slower than my bus when I'm late for work.

  9. moiety

    Can't see £100 of improvement over the 7.

  10. Cuddles Silver badge

    Compare and contrast

    "pricey new Honor goes upmarket", "aiming at a pretty difficult midrange. That’s a £100, or 40 per cent, price hike over its predecessor."

    "see our hands-on report here" - "high-spec cheapie", "aimed firmly at the price-conscious millennial"

    Stupid Chinese manufacturers and their pricey cheapies.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They just can't win

    Make up your mind. Make it affordable and it's "Cheap Chinese tat", approaching western company price tags and it's too pricey.

  12. Chika

    Make up your mind. Make it affordable and it's "Cheap Chinese tat", approaching western company price tags and it's too pricey.

    I made up my mind when I bought the Honor 6. It gave me much of what was on offer upmarket for a fraction of the price; the only sacrifice was the "prestige" name and having to put up with Huawei's bloody EMUI interface. The dodgy battery cost me £18 to fix.

    Considering who makes much of what we use, which Western companies were you thinking of?

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