back to article Backup biz Arcserve: Private equity... there's nothing like it

Private equity ownership has given anodyne old backup biz Arcserve a huge energising kick in the behind. Over the past year, Arcserve says it has seen a 61 per cent increase in UDP (Unified Data Protection) product sales, a 41 per cent increase in general overall new sales. Of this 47 per cent was in EMEA and 22 per cent in …

  1. David Tallboys

    Venture capital or private equity

    I am a venture capitalist and I like private equity.

    It's a bit like confessing to drinking too much, but I do that too.

    By the way I'm looking for a bit barn to buy.

    Well done to Arcserve for getting someone to write a cheque.

  2. Ben Rose


    If you take a small number and add a small number, the growth can be a very large percentage.

    Just saying.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Arcserve does have a great product though. We were using Symantec Backup Exec and then when we went over to 90% Virtual we looked at the options. Tried Veeam but didn't have any allowance for physical and it had quite a lot of issues getting a consistent backup. Symantec was no good for virtual at the time and we were often having many issues with it but got recommended Arcserve and it works great. Especially the fact that for nearly all our uses for it we haven't needed to actually do a full recover as we could just mount the backup as a new drive and take the data off it, or mount the whole VM in the backup location and run it from there while we sorted out the issue.

    1. Ben Rose

      Actually a customer...

      I'm actually an Arcserve customer, but can't use UDP as it doesn't match the functionality of the old product. I got constant hard sell to try out UDP so wasn't chuffed to find that, whilst it add some nice new bells and whistles, it couldn't even do what their old product did.

      We're stuck on the old product until the new one works properly.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Actually a customer...

        Was that D2D or Tape? What was the functionality it didn't have?

        We managed to convert all our D2D over without an issue, but we don't use tape.

        1. Ben Rose

          Re: Actually a customer...

          We're missing agent support for some software.

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