back to article Nobody wants Lyft

Dial-a-ride app maker Lyft is looking for a buyer, but no one's interested. This according to The New York Times, which cited multiple sources in reporting that Apple, Google, Amazon, GM, Didi Chuxing, and even Uber have been approached by Lyft, all without any success. Though the Times notes that Lyft is sitting on more than …

  1. TVU Silver badge

    Nobody wants Lyft

    Perhaps all these potential investors have noted that high tech trend which is that only one enterprise succeeds in each area, e.g. Google for search, Facebook for social media, etc. and that they think that Lyft won't be the one for paid car rides.

    1. Dead Parrot

      Re: Nobody wants Lyft

      Plus, if they've got a billion in the bank, they're presumably asking for a least a billion to buy them out, which is quite a lot for an app nobody uses even if it comes with the cash. The likes of Google or Facebook could slap an equivalent app together in-house with minimal effort.

  2. ATeal

    Lyft was the good one right?

    I was thinking of trying this out when I heard they gave a crap about their drivers and such. That was them right?

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