back to article Google+ subtracts live videoconf service 'Hangouts On Air'

Google has slipped a death notice for Google+ Hangouts On Air into its support stream. Hangouts On Air are multi-party videoconferences, spewed live on the internets. Like the rest of Google+, they're hardly a household name and do not boast legions of slavering fans likely to fight for their retention. Even if those fans …

  1. Andrew Jones 2

    Please note - Hangouts which is the multi party video conferencing system is NOT going anywhere. Hangouts On Air - is like normal Hangouts, but it is streamed live and an unlimited number of people can watch it - but cannot join in, the session is then saved to the connected YouTube account so it can be watched by people after it has ended. You have always been able to watch live streaming Hangouts via the YouTube site - more than likely because it has always used the YouTube live streaming infrastructure on the backend.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Google has also just released its new video calling system called Duo, so it's not confusing at all.

  2. tiggity Silver badge

    G+ has quite a few benefits as a social network

    By virtue of it being less popular you get a lot less spam & it's very easy to find & join communities that you are interested in so you can have a focused experience and not drown in a deluge of dross.

    Yes its Google - with all its dubious data hoovering implications, but FB is not exactly averse to data mining.

    1. moylan

      Re: G+ has quite a few benefits as a social network

      so either it remains a backwater or a social network and google kills it for lack of caring


      it takes off and it becomes like every other crappy social network with trolls and idiots...

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