back to article Speaking in Tech: Nope, sorry waiter. I won't pay with that card reader

speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise This is the first week of our "Podcast Idol" competition at our weekly tech podcast – with Fred "Spike" Nix, Ed Saiptech and special guest, John Williams, President of Reduxio. This week the group discusses Delta's power outage, AWS at the top of Public Cloud and Oracle's …

  1. cortland

    Are there any transcripts?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I know it's a nuance lost on you, but it's a PODCAST which means it's an audio recording of a show. When you listen to a radio show, do you write in to the station and ask for a transcript? If listening to audio doesn't work for you then podcasts are not for you. Not that complicated.

      1. R 11

        It may be a surprise to folk in the UK as I'm not aware of the BBC doing this, but NPR in the US does offer transcripts of radio programs and has done for some time:

        To folk outside Blighty, it might not be such an unreasonable request. Particularly for folk who are deaf, hard of hearing or simply in an open-plan office!

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Transcripts for a podcast? Would you like some cheese with that whine?

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          thanks for NPR link.

          thanks for the NPR link!

          Re: your comment about Brits...

          I've noticed that BBC is particularly bad about doing closed captioning on video, as well as lacking


          Maybe they can't understand those British accents :)

      2. Purple-Stater

        "If listening to audio doesn't work for you then podcasts are not for you. Not that complicated."

        Perhaps they asked about transcripts specifically because listening to audio doesn't work for them. Some people simple do not process audio very well and many radio services do provide transcripts as a service to the hearing impaired. It's not that complicated.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        yeah just stick it in your ears like a murkin

      4. Greywolf40

        Podcasts vs transcripts

        I prefer to read.

      5. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I'm deaf. I was also going to ask if a transcript was available, but I won't, so as not to offend you.

  2. mike acker

    Pay cash

    you don't have to use "Plastic" -- you can pay cash.

    once you pay off the card company you are in for a pleasant surprise: you'll have money!

    1. Alan W. Rateliff, II

      Re: Pay cash

      Or... just stay with me, here... you can use a PLASTIC card to draw money directly from your checking account. I know, that sounds crazy, but imagine it: it has the convenience of and works like a credit card, but instead of drawing against credit it automatically DEBITS from your existing cash reserves held at the bank. Not really a credit card, but perhaps a "debit" card. Yeah, since it debits from your account and it is not credit.

      Just crazy enough to make billions!

  3. bryces666

    where's the article?

    Previous commenter sounds like he found it, but on my phone all I get is a heading, a photo and lots of talk of a podcast...

    1. JudeKay

      Re: where's the article?

      Do you mind letting us know the make/model and mobile OS running on your phone? Here's a direct link to the podcast, though you should be able to click on it in the story.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I made it about 7 minutes before I decided I dislike all these people and didn't want to listen any more.

    1. Sitaram Chamarty

      it's not the people...

      I stopped listening because they concentrate so much on the storage industry, which is something I have zero interest in (not being an "enterprise" IT guy I suppose). Almost none of the companies they speak of are well known outside data center and similar operations folks.

      On the plus side they give a decent breakdown of each episode with MM:SS timings so I do sometimes download and listen to segments.

      On the minus side, I loved Sarah Vela's sense of humour, I loved her voice and I especially loved her laugh (like when she leg-pulled her cohorts), and she's now left the show. Sad...

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      what gave it away? the fact that they made a podcast?

    3. TrixyB

      You know this podcast has been running every week for over 4 years now....

      1. ricardian

        Shirley not the SAME podcast every week?

  5. Number6

    There's an interesting generation split here, when I'm looking for information I prefer to find it in written form, which I can peruse, skip through and re-read at my own pace. My son automatically looks for a video to show him how to do something, rather than have it in writing. I find video and audio feeds a lot less convenient simply because I'm often in an environment where listening to something is not so easy - either it's a noisy environment or it's somewhere quiet with other people who might not appreciate it. Having a transcript is easier, but failing that, I just don't bother with the article.

    1. Dr Scrum Master


      I can read something a lot faster than listen to something. Plus I can skip all the boring waffle and I don't have to put of with people who have a good voice for the written word.

      Fortunately, there are still a few people I enjoy listening to on the radio...

    2. h4rm0ny

      A podcast is just too slow for me. Voice is for friends and socializing. Written form is something I can blast through far more quickly than someone can verbalize.

      1. Greywolf40

        Reading vs listening

        For immediate info such as news, I prefer reading to listening. Much faster. However, on road trips I like in-depth discussions, interviews, fiction, etc.

    3. Disk0

      ....but, then, you know, when you are in that situation, where you are not, as it were, reading, but more, by being engaged with an audio device, listening, paying attention to the person saying things, while they can see a little ticker showing them, you listen, so their ego can now feel caressed, and warm, because you listened, so they can carry on filling the time with their voice, and with getting your attention, and asking you to keep listening, it's something that you need to experience, to realize - what's that Simon? You brought an Uzi to this talk, how interesting, check it out listeners because Simon, who we know from our previous segment entitled talking with voices, now Simon has brought an actual full size real Uzi to the studio, it is obviously not a prop or a toy, it looks metallic and made a clanky sound when Simon hit the producer with it, don't do that Simon! They're not as cheap as they look! Oh well, producers, what are you gonna do. For those listeners who aren't aware the Uzi is an Israeli built firearm capable of shooting a lot of bullets in a very short time, so stay put because this might just get very exciting very soon. What are you going to do with that Uzi Simon, careful now, this glass may not be bulletproof....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The internet is overloaded with videos and audio

    Text rules ok

  7. Disk0
    Thumb Up

    How to piss off your barista...

    part 13. I love it. Your card reader is DECLINED.

  8. Greywolf40

    Headline topic not nmentioned

    Nowhere in the topic list is the headline topic mentioned. I don't want to wade through what's irrelevant to me in order to find it.

    1. ssieler

      Re: Headline topic not nmentioned

      The comments including the POS (uh, that's Point of Sale, in case you're laughing)

      credit card reader starts at about 36:25, although perhaps not quite obvious until 36:52.

      But...basically, don't bother. There's very little information there.

  9. DWRandolph


    `yep, I am a grumpy old bastard, but yet another vote for being able to read the actual content. If there is not enough content for a article, why should I waste my time with audio/visual fluff?

    Text does not interrupt those around me. When interrupted I can just let the window fall to the background until ready for it again.

    No, I am not a headphone-kind-of-guy. I want some awareness of my surroundings, and need to respond to walk-up questions.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This has to be the funniest comment thread on El Reg

    Seriously, you people are arguing about a transcript for a podcast which is inherently an audio medium. Would you demand the same of your TV stations? Would you demand that of your radio stations? (Yes, NPR has transcripts but most radio shows do not).

    If you are complaining about the lack of a transcript for a podcast, you clearly don't understand how this works and a podcast isn't for you. Move along, read news and commentary elsewhere on The Register.

    By the way, I'm sure some of you would also prefer a good old piece of paper to read your news. Thankfully you can print a web page.

    1. crank

      Re: This has to be the funniest comment thread on El Reg

      It's quite easy for transcription software to ... transcribe from audio. You can do it with a podcast. Perhaps people are wondering if someone already has for this one. Is it really something to burst a blood vessel over?

    2. JetSetJim Silver badge

      Re: This has to be the funniest comment thread on El Reg

      > Would you demand the same of your TV stations?

      Yes - they're called subtitles in the video medium, quite useful for the deaf, or even if you don't want the noise to distract from other things if you're not paying 100% attention to the program. Oddly they are widely available.

      The main problem is that automatic-transcription services are not hugely accurate, and human-dependent services are pricey for the podcast market.

    3. BOH1066

      Re: This has to be the funniest comment thread on El Reg

      actually, i do clearly know how 'this' works. it's a podcast, not string theory. and, with regards to knowledge, it's evidently YOU who are lacking. hearing loss of varying degrees is just one reason people might want or need a transcript. next time, think for a minute before denigrating people who have different needs or opinions than yourself.

    4. BOH1066

      Re: This has to be the funniest comment thread on El Reg

      i'm certain that the only person lacking knowledge about how a podcast works is you. if you did know, then you'd also IMMEDIATELY realise the problems inherent in an audio only source of information. hearing loss of varying degrees is the most obvious of the reasons transcripts should be made available.

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