back to article China decrees it will grow world-class enterprise vendors by the year 2025

China has decreed it will grow several more world-class, multinational enterprise technology vendors by 2025. The executive of the Middle Kingdom's State Council met this week, and issued some new policy pronouncements along the way. The key one for the global information technology industries is called the “Outline of …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "who would bet against the Council's edict becoming reality?"

    Anyone betting against China in the long-term is a fool.

    Twenty years ago every was calling them copiers. We were laughing at the quality of their products. Sometimes we still do. There will be nothing to laugh at the day China is dictating international commercial treaties instead of the US - and that will happen.

    It'll be interesting to see the influence of the Middle-Kingdom's growing power on those commercial agreements. One can only wonder what they will do with the concept of privacy, for example.

    Today, it is still the US calling the shots in international treaties of all kinds. Soon, it will be China. Get ready for it.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wasn't it nostradamus who said something about "the yellow man taking over the earth"? ;) Jokes aside, based on everyone I know who has been living and working in china, we have nothing to worry about.

    Contrary to what I believed, it seems like chinese (in the offices were my friend supervised them) do not like to work hard, do not like to think outside the box and need to be supervised all the time or else they won't work. Oh, and don't even speak of coming up with something original.

    So according to my friend, the copy-mentality, is alive and well. So innovation won't be their strength, but copying, refining and making more efficient, and that's enough in todays world to build a big company with state backing.

    So yes, I'd expect to see more chinese global companies, but I would not expect them to become so strong as to outcompete the rest.

    They also still have quite a PR job to do before doing massive business in the public sector due to rumours of backdoors etc. But the US is not better at that, so it might not be as serious as one might think.

    1. cjrcl

      The Copier-Symptom is rendered by China's status quo, as the vast majority of people are forced to prioritize immediate profit duo to economic quandary or legacy socio-mentality. However, this atmosphere has been undergoing changes. The new generation is getting more and more creative.

      Meanwhile, the State-Capitalism of China is unrivaled, as it can buy into Activision-Blizzard or even WesternDigital-SanDisk. Moreover, for instance, it is rumored that SoftBank would transfer ARM to Unisplendour in the future.

  3. James 51 Silver badge

    With the size of the internal market and their ability to keep foreign companies outside or captured as partners to local firms, it is difficult to see them not being able to threaten almost any sector they decide to dominate. Not sure that will bode well for anyone given their track records on human rights and the self certified exceptionalism that allows them to ignore international law:

    1. GrumpyOldBloke

      These things come and go in cycles. Human rights issues and certified exceptionalism applied to the European super powers of old or the American's of late. China's future is not all plain sailing. It has to balance the absolute power of a one party state, social expectations for growth and liberty, resource limitations, an ageing population, massive debt and corruption issues and constant provocations by its competitors. Much like the European super powers of old or the American's of late. As for international law, countries have a habit of only invoking the law when it suits them. The US for example does not recognise the jurisdiction of the Hague when applied to their own else there would be a number of high ranking US officials in cells now for war crimes. The big issue with the Spratley islands is what value an alliance with the US if China can simply move upon resources as it pleases. We are used to reports of the US containing China and Russia. China has just slipped this containment - now what? Is the US world wide network of military bases a bluff, a tool to keep vassal states in-line, an expensive exercise is self aggrandisement or a mechanism for geopolitical control.

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