back to article Microsoft dangles code candy in front of iOS devs

Microsoft is pressing ahead with its desire to sweep iOS devs into its embrace, this time offering them a code-testing tool to help them use its Windows Bridge for iOS. The bridge first landed as a preview in August 2015, and got a leg-up from Intel in April with a slab of Chipzilla-contributed code. Microsoft had hoped for …

  1. Zakhar

    Windows is becoming irrelevant

    And that is another proof!

    An IOS developer MUST have a Mac plus MUST buy all the tooling from Apple to be able to build apps for IOS. Once you have that: the Mac is a perfectly fine machine, works very well, has a cool design, and integrates well with IOS; why would you bother spend more money buying an ugly PC plus having to be extorted even more with the bundled Slurpware-O.S. on said PC.

    Why would you even bother using bootcamp on your Mac: dual booting is a pain in the a...

    And why would you even bother when M$ more or less announced they are stopping phones (and probably W$-Phone-10).

    If M$ wanted some relevance, they would have to give away the same code working on Mac OS with the Apple chaintool, because W$ is irrelevant here (and shortly will be irrelevant everywhere!)

    1. GarethJ

      Re: Windows is becoming irrelevant

      The OSX tooling (XCode) is free.

      1. Tom 7 Silver badge

        Re: Windows is becoming irrelevant

        But ObjectiveC has been available for years via MinGW and Cygwin. I have vague memories of writing Mac code on Windows 20 years ago.

    2. Arctic fox

      Re: Windows is becoming irrelevant

      I think that if you had thought through the business case a little you might have realised the following. Far more people run an iPhone and/or an iPad in combination with a Windows pc at home than run them in conjunction with a Mac (this is a statement of fact - not puerile tribalist points scoring). That being the case there is possibly a market amongst retail punters who would like to have a version of their iOS app running on their Windows box. How well this would do is anybody's guess but some devs might feel that it was worth (from the purely business point of view) giving it a go if MS makes the time investment case worthwhile.

    3. TonyJ Silver badge

      Re: Windows is becoming irrelevant

      "...Why would you even bother using bootcamp on your Mac: dual booting is a pain in the a..."

      Yes, you're right.

      It's so incredibly difficult holding down the Option button to choose your OS to boot into.

      And it's also so incredibly difficult to get Windows on in the first place, isn't it?

      Download ISO...Burn ISO to bootable USB....Download the relevant Bootcamp drivers from Bootcamp, and follow instructions.

      I can see how that would be such a problem.

    4. Mr Fury

      Re: Windows is becoming irrelevant

      I never bother to bootcamp, as I have windows on VMs, so spinning up windows is just like opening a document, only slower - if someone finds *that* difficult then I'd suggest they'd be better off spending time with something targeting the pre-school market, perhaps something with big squeaky buttons that make a range of farmyard animal noises for them to clap to in delight.

      Windows may becoming irrelevant as a consumer device, but it's still vital for plenty of business and development uses, and will be for some time to come.

      I've been hearing about the death of Windows since Java flattered to deceive as The Solution to Everything. it's still here, and I still expect it to be around when I amble off into retirement.

      1. kryptylomese

        Re: Windows is becoming irrelevant

        People said the same about the horse and cart, which do indeed still exist today!

  2. Andy E

    Missed the boat

    There's a big switch away from Objective-C to Swift for iOS development.

    The only hold out for Objective-C is OS X on the Mac and thats because the only training materials you can get for Swift are iOS centric.

    If there were more OS X based training materials available for Swift I think it would quickly replace Objective-C on that platform to.


  3. DougS Silver badge

    With all the news about Microsoft pulling back from Windows Phone

    This sort of effort is not going to get any interest. Why should a developer bother, rather than take a wait and see attitude and find out whether Windows Phone will even exist in two more years?

  4. Bladeforce

    Every time i hear Microsoft and Mobile in the same sentence...

    ..I can't help but hear the Eagles singing Deperado

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ObjC only, no Swift allowed!

    Don't bother if you have any Swift code in your app, not supported. Another useless attempt to 'make it easy to port across iOS apps'. Nothing recently published won't have Swift. Amazing.

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