back to article Intel's SGX tiptoes towards Linux

Intel has fulfilled a promise made in April to open-source a Linux driver for its SGX technology. SGX – Software Guard Extensions – first landed in 2013, and allows programmers to lock up code and data inside containers enforced by the CPU. The idea is to create an environment to assure people "clouding" their enterprise …

  1. cyberdemon


    This sounds like a technology that can only bring bad things. I'm not sure if I WANT Linux support for it.

    Anti-features, DRM, inscrutable code.

    Good news for virus writers and "revenue protection managers", bad news for everyone else.

    Oh and of course one thing that's most certainly already using it: UEFI. Truly the Spawn of Satan. The NSA, Mossad, etc don't want anyone looking inside their blackest of black-boxes.

    Intel Management Engine

  2. Lamb0


    IME with AMT - a built in corporate hardware back door for the government pirates under intel's control.

    Now, if we could only manage to find or steal our own key we could control the hardware we bought and paid for before the situation gets worse. When the criminal element hacks their way in and join the party, every one else walks the plank with no where to go for help but Davy Jones' Locker to beg Calypso for a boon!

  3. Christian Berger Silver badge

    This will just provide the illusion of security

    Thanks to heavy optimisation and caches this is incredibly hard to get right. And then there's still Rowhammer and other problems. The only area where this might be usefull is DRM, and that's malware by definition.

    If you want security, make sure you're running a minimal amount of software and you control that software.

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