back to article 900 Hewlett Packard Enterprise staff to leave building by month end

Nearly 900 UK-based personnel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise are to be released into the wilds at the end of this month, according to the redundancy schedule seen by The Register. The majority of those made to walk the plank come from Enterprise Services, which is the area that has been hit hardest in HPE’s continuous cost- …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Common Theme

    The same is happening in the US, with pending reductions-in-force targeting mostly middle and upper management. As an former EDS and HP full-timer, it's pretty obvious that this sort of house cleaning should have been done after that merger instead of allowing these little Napolean to continue their own empire building.

    Anon, obviously.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Delighted to be off...

    ... morale is through the floor (even adjusted for being HPE) - penny-pinching has plumbed new depths... feel sorry for those colleagues I'm leaving behind and my immediate manager (who has been highly supportive of me during the exit).

    August 1 is going to be interesting (and not just in the UK) with so many going - a large number of the (technical) OneBuild staff in Germany are being moved to their new employer then too (1500 odd of them off to Manpower (trading as Proservia) to be rented back to HPE to staff projects - except they're probably going to be "too expensive" compared to those from further East - both within and outside Europe)

    Pant-wettingly funny that the latest update on the CSC "Spin/Merge" is concentrating on real estate - like anyone who is watching the headlights speeding along the tunnel towards them is thinking of the real estate... also it all talks of "handing over" to CSC... I think a lot of people just woke up and realised that this isn't a spin/merge anywhere except on paper.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "The good news for ITO bods is this quarter’s actions could be the last of the cost hacking, by HPE anyway."

    Not it won't be. It never is.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All a bit sad.

    I've dealt with a load of SIs (both onshore/offshore based) and have seen what's happened to HP with sadness over the last years 15-20 years.

    They still have the dynamic and personable MBA-toting guy at the top of the team, and the "I got a 2:1 from a good uni and a TopMan suit" filler at the bottom (undoubtedly each with a team of 20 off-shore 'resources', the leader of which is too polite to call them out in-front of me) - but what they uniquely used to have was the grumpy "I'm late-middle-aged, know how computers work and this is bollocks" people.

    I used to enjoy the direct emails we'd exchange to both commiserate on the shortcomings on both our sides, and our plans to 'nudge' our project towards success neither of us would ever be recognized for.

    These people tended to be from the takeovers HP had historically made, and whose stock-options/pension schemes had inoculated them against the short-term-kool-aid that infests the market.

    I'm clearly just griping here and maybe I'm wrong - but HP seems to be hell-bent on ensuring what made them unique is eradicated - and that seems to me, to be insane.

    1. Erik4872

      Re: All a bit sad.

      Holy cow, that's pretty much the most spot on definition of the "professional services" engagements I've been a part of, on both sides of the fence.

      I've often said that the grumpy guys in your summary could wipe the floor with the white shoe services firms by just getting together and starting "Greybeards, Inc." (or Greybeards PLC if you're on the right side of the Atlantic.) You'd still need the slick MBA weasels at the top to sell to the executives, but cutting out the useless empty suits at the bottom would let you spend money on smarter people who would be able to actually complete projects. It's criminal what the big firms need to pay the Ivy League or Oxbridge types for a job that basically involves flying around the country 50 weeks out of the year, presenting PowerPoints and deflecting blame away from their offshore teams.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    being a fully paid up member of the greybeard "I'm late-middle-aged, know how computers work and this is bollocks" group then I know it is people like me who make this stuff work when the s**t hits the fan. I also know we are being pushed out of the door as fast as possible because experience costs money but is not valued.

    We know HPE EDS (EDS) are being sold off to CSC because HPE is a hardware company and has never known what to do with us.

    I am fully expecting Major Disaster to be following Corporal Cockup into the building in August or September. Sadly I will still be with the company at that time as I'm hanging on to my final salary pension scheme as long as I can.

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