back to article Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO, CCO to call it a day

Martin Fink, the chief techie straddling Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s global Labs is quitting just as the prototype of his most ambitions project to date, The Machine, edges closer. In a blog note today, CEO Meg Whitman confirmed the CTO will be “retiring” at the end of the year after more than three decades at the company. “ …

  1. laurence brothers

    The wonderful and horrible thing about HP[inc/e] is that Whitman really has been doing a better job than any of her recent predecessors.

  2. Stoneshop Silver badge

    "To further accelerate the time it takes"

    The word is 'shorten'.

  3. Ilsa Loving

    The Machine

    "It just sucked a year of your life away. Tell me... how does that make you feel?"

    The parallels are striking.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They're killing R&D ("align it with the business") and Fink left.

    What a surprise.

  5. Mr Dogshit


    Never heard of him.

  6. DainB Bronze badge

    Season 6 coming ?

    But who's rebuilding Samaritan ?

  7. AbstPoolAuto

    Memristor is just around the corner... honest. Wait is it still 2008?

  8. luis river

    Martin out

    Martin Fink... retiring end of year, I ask for what?...all seem job improvement out HPE, how happen with Norman Jouppi, bad news for HPE.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    what a disaster

    HP is is continuous reorganization mode.

    To her credit, Whitman is probably doing a better job than the prior leaders, but it's too little too late.

    Pissed off customers

    Pissed off channel

    Lack of effective and relevant R&D

    Lack of strategy.

    Smells like a death spiral to me.

  10. Bring_Back_MPE

    He went a long way - from Customer Engineer to head of HP labs.

    I remember when Martin joined HP in the mid eighties. He started off as a Customer Engineer at the HP Ottawa office. Nice fellow and was always willing to help. He was brilliant and an exceptional speaker. He taught a HP-UX course I attended - 3.0 back then !. He went a long way at HP, too bad HP's Memristor technology hasn't panned out.

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