back to article Aust Federal Police keep lid on docs that triggered NBN raids

The Australian Federal Police has determined that one of the least-secret projects in the country can't be discussed lest it endanger national security. On that basis, the AFP's decided not to release the December letter that sparked off its investigation into leaks surrounding the National Broadband Network (NBN). Fairfax …

  1. Youngone Silver badge
    Black Helicopters


    If I was Australian I would be encouraging Mr. Conroy to take this to the courts.

    There is no way the AFP can be trusted to make a decision like this, it looks like they're protecting someone.

    I wonder who?

  2. Magani

    "...lest it endanger national security."

    There's about as much danger to national security in releasing this as there is in telling the nation what the PM had for breakfast.

    AFAIC, it's all to do with politics and the fact that the AFP is not an independent body any more (if it ever was).

  3. Oengus

    Politicial Arse covering

    Anything that could possibly embarrass a member of the current ruling party would be classified as "National Security" at the moment because of the upcoming election...

  4. Jasonk

    Nah it wouldn't put lives at rusk but jobs

    1. anonymousI

      Only the jobs of the political appointees responsible for the massive MTM mess.

      And "jobs at rusk"? Always good to hear from New Zealand... :)

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