back to article Wanted: New cloudy head for 37 hour week, £90k salary

The UK government is hiring a Digital Marketplace director who will pocket £90,000 a year with a budget of £3.9m to lead a team of 38 digi procurement bods. The Digital Marketplace is intended to be provide an online portal for various digital government procurement departments to buy new code. The director will also be …

  1. andy 103

    A job with no particular outcomes?

    The trouble with these positions is that if you read the job descrption, there are actually no specific outcomes or goals from hiring this person.

    Read the job description - does it actually say what they're looking to achieve? Or is it so vague and full of waffle you could get away with doing almost anything? To me it's more focused on procedures, filling out endless documents, meetings, project management... than actually achieving anything.

    And the worst part? On a salary of 90k someone might be tempted to take it, stick with it for a year, leave and make a tidy sum.

    If all fails well you just say sorry we didn't meet our objectives. What objectives? Oh yeah we didn't even have any.

    There are so many jobs like this where they're focused on anything other than getting a job done! Makes my blood boil.

  2. jzl


    Sounds like a hell of a lot of responsibility for a 50% paycut. I'll stick with writing code for banks.

  3. Def Silver badge

    However, last week G-Cloud pioneer Kate Craig-Wood slammed the framework as "dying" after her company Memset had failed to win any business since 2013.

    Well, even a cursory comparison of prices shows that Memset (and seriously, who "thought up" that name) prices are almost 50% higher than my current hosting company (at least for dedicated servers).

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