back to article Microsoft’s IFTTT-alike Flow seeps into the iPhone

Animating cats in Hypercard, creating batch files (or even baroque Lotus 1-2-3 macros) – writing your own scripts was once an integral part of personal computing. If an application didn’t have its own arcane scripting language, it didn’t really cut it. Recently Android automation tools such as Tasker, IFTTT and Workflow for …

  1. bzn

    As at time of writing...

    Not yet available in the UK app store.

    (14:41PM GMT)

  2. J J Carter Silver badge

    MSFT app?

    About as welcome as a visit from Aunt Flow!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bring back OPL

    What I want is something like the Organiser Programming Language on iPhone and Android. Simple enough for anyone to learn, powerful enough to build solutions.

    I saw the value of having an on-the-go programming platform then, and the same concepts still hold value today. That's why I'm interested in the announced Swift Playgrounds concept for iOS - it brings back some of that fun but on more powerful hardware and may just get me back into programming (not professionally, just to address some things that have been bugging me :) ).

  4. David Glasgow


    I just love it.

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