back to article Drubbed StubHub carder grub guilty, faces 12 years in cooler club

The Russian ringleader of a carding group has pled guilty to selling US$1.6 million (£1.1 million, A$2.1 million) worth of tickets to major events, bought using credit cards stolen from StubHub accounts. Vadim Polyakov, 32, led a group that broke into StubHub accounts using the access to buy tickets to premiere music, sports, …

  1. James 51 Silver badge

    I think the lesson we can all draw from this is that if you're a Russian cyber criminal, never target Russians and never leave the country.

  2. SoloSK71

    But ... but ... but ...

    We keep getting told by the nanny state that there is no problem with people buying a thousand tickets to a single event and reselling them!

    And yes, I get it that this was illegally buying them, but unless they had some kind of distributed network, most or all of the purchases would be coming from the same IP or range of IP addresses. Which also should have kicked off some kind of alarm by the credit card companies and/or PayPal.

    1. Aodhhan Bronze badge

      Re: But ... but ... but ...

      Genius at work.

      The law doesn't provide a favor to criminals because protections weren't in place. In most countries this applies to anything, left anywhere at anytime; and no matter how you came to possess it.

      Even if a 3rd party is negligent in handling any property which is stolen.

      Besides, there are likely thousands of transactions handled a second. Many times... a web service handles different transactions to the same IP address... especially when most companies use one or two IPs and have thousands of employees. You get the picture now. Especially if they don't do it all at one time, which was the case here.

  3. Mark 85 Silver badge

    Sold the tickets for US$1,000 (£683, A$1,337)??? This sort of proves the old saying* about a fool and his money....

    *Oft attributed to PT Barnum but seems to be a few millennia older than that.

    1. Aodhhan Bronze badge

      Yeah, have to wonder about the A$ as "1337" :)

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