back to article Third OnePlus flagship: £309

OnePlus has unveiled its third flagship, its first to be generally available without rationing at launch. The 5.5inch AMOLED full HD device packs 6GB of RAM, 64GB in storage, a 16MP main shooter and an ample but smaller (3,000mAh) battery than before. It’s also 17g lighter than the OnePlus Two. The price is the main attraction …

  1. getHandle

    6GB of RAM!

    According to the linked page...

  2. TonyJ Silver badge

    Ah...One Plus...

    The marketing machine that happens to make phones.

    In fairness, I had the OPO - sold it on arrival simply because I'd by then got a Galaxy Note 3 which I was enjoying.

    Since then I got the Two - within the limitations of it, it's a decent phone.

    But I've sat back with popcorn and watched their viral marketing campaigns like offer their VR headsets for any and all before their own customers and the furore that caused when they sold out before they even sent an email to said customers.

  3. Buzzword

    OS upgrades

    Given that Google are tightening up on Android, is this still a worthwhile purchase? Or am I better off getting a Google Nexus 5X for similar money?

    1. Skoorb

      Re: OS upgrades

      Well, the Nexus 5X both costs more, and isn't really an equivalent phone in terms of features, the 6P is broadly equivalent, but has a list price of £500 for the 64gb like this phone.

      This OnePlus ships with a customised android based on Marshmallow.

      So, it depends on what you want. The hardware specs or stock Android with security updates.

      1. TonyJ Silver badge

        Re: OS upgrades

        The OP2 shipped with 5.

        In March, OP released a beta version of 6.

        Last Thursday they finally released it OTA and bricked mine and many others' handsets in the process.

        It was eventually recoverable but given it's not like they were sending out to a wide ranging variation of handsets it shouldn't really have happened.

        Still...they have kept to their words on updates thus far.

        1. Law

          Re: OS upgrades

          I worry before every major upgrade with phones, have done since my iPhone 3g updated and included a bug that meant I couldn't unlock the phone or answer calls.

          Had an update go wrong with HTC Desire and my Nokia winphone too.

          I've got a oneplus two now, very happy with it. Had a oneplus one too, but I smashed the screen and it have cost only slightly less than a op2 to replace the screen on a op1.

          Won't be upgrading to 3 for the simple reason my 2 works perfectly, and I don't really like all metal frames. Plus after the recent os upgrade it's solid now in performance too. If this died though I'd have no problems updating to a 3, oneplus seem to have sorted themselves out since the early oneplus one days.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fixed battery and no sd slot - not for me. Shame.

  5. Martin

    No obvious shortcomings...

    ....apart from the fact that it's flippin' huge!

    What happened to normal-sized phones?

  6. Anonymous Coward

    64 GB of storage

    How cute.

    Currently have over double that on a £50 phone .

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 64 GB of storage

      And pray tell what phone this is and if it's new, as you surely are flouting something most of us would count as inferior.

      1. Boothy

        Re: 64 GB of storage

        I'm curious, what would you use 128GB (or more) of storage for on a phone?

        The only time I've ever wanted more than the stock 32GB I have in my (soon to be replaced) Nexus 5, was when taking videos whilst on holiday, as I'd stuck a few movies and some music on there for use in the airport/plane etc. So didn't leave much space for recording videos.

        But anyone serous about taking videos, aught to be using either a proper vid camera, or get a phone with an SD slot where it becomes a non issue.

        I suspect that 64GB is probably more than adequate for the vast majority of typical users. (There will always be fringe cases of course).

  7. a_a



  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have a OnePlus X and the stock O/S is not smooth at all. No security updates since April 1st. CyanogenMod is awesome on it but disappointed to have to use a community rom to get a smooth reliable experience.

  9. Boothy

    Titans of Space Cardboard VR

    I wonder if this phone can get through Titans of Space without overheating?

    Tried it on a Nexus 5, and the phone just switches off about 5 mins in!

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