back to article Russia mulls bug bounty to harden govt software

Russia is mulling a bug bounty program to find and eliminate bugs in government-approved software. Local media report deputy Communications Minister Aleksei Sokolov is discussing a possible bug bounty with the Russian tech sector. The implications of such a bounty are being considered including staffing requirements for bug …

  1. FuzzyWuzzys

    Hold on!

    " characterised by poor code quality..."

    No you don't have a problem with code quality, the real problem is that the wrong people know how to code properly, Russian and Latvian virus and malware designers know how to write bloody good code!

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    This could be of benefit

    But not in sense we know it. Perhaps as a training ground for their equivalent of Five-Eyes? Or perhaps the miscreants who will only attack outside of Russia? Lots of win-win for the government.

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