back to article Torus: Because the world needs another distributed storage software solution

Last week the CoreOS project announced the release of Torus*, a scale-out storage platform for container clusters built and orchestrated by Kubernetes. At this point in the project’s development, the software isn’t production ready and still being heavily developed. Over the last few weeks, scale-out storage solutions have …

  1. Platypus

    So you finally admit that there's such a thing as open-source storage, but only to shoot it down with more mentions of proprietary competitors. :sigh:

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Absolutely. If you going to compare it with something, compare it with some of the open-source distributed/replicated systems out there, including:

      * ceph (block+file+object)

      * gluster (file)

      * sheepdog (block, kvm only)

      * cockroachdb (key/value)

      All of these projects work fine in the happy case where everything's working fine; it's when they get their knickers in a twist they can be a nightmare to debug.

      I have direct experience of gluster for this, and in the end abandoned it. Since RedHat bought it, even the mediocre internals documentation it originally had was removed. It became a Black Box you had to pay for support on.

      So if the people who wrote etcd can build a storage solution which uses *provably correct* algorithms for replication and avoidance of split-brain, and is simple to operate and debug, I am excited.

      1. Justin Clift

        As a data point, the mediocre internals docs weren't removed due to nefarious shenanigans by Red Hat, it was just the docs became very badly outdated over time and we (myself included) didn't get around to updating them... instead putting out time into other areas. (eg improving the project infrastructure personally, as that was a pain point for a long time)

        If someone has the time & interest to get involved and update them, the GlusterFS project would be really happy to have the docs and have them on the main public website part. :)

  2. streaky Silver badge

    Sorry, headline comment..

    Because the world needs another distributed storage software solution

    (No it doesn't)

    Until there's a perfect system that covers all requirements (neither of these are fulfilled) - yes it does actually. I'm done, go about your business.

  3. Lotaresco


    The title for this article should have been:

    "Torus: Does the world need another distributed storage software solution?

  4. CaitlinBestler

    There is still room for a new solution - Torus isn't a new solution.

    I was struck reading there very sparse technical detail that *everything* described has already been done and that it really has very little relationship with containers.

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