back to article ASUS' domestic robot

ASUS has announced a domestic robot named "Zenbo" that looks like the mutant offspring of the desk-lamp iMac G4 and vacuum cleaner. Revealed on Monday at Computex in Taipei, Zenbo can take photos, play music and includes a Siri-and-Cortana-like voice interface/persona. Zenbo packs a camera it can use for sentry duty or for …

  1. Terry Cloth

    It ain't a ``domestic'' robot

    unless it can vacuum and do windows (not the computing type).

    [See The Door Into Summer, by Robert Heinlein.]

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So this is what it feels like to live "between paradigms".

    Home computers caused a revolution. Smart phones took the leftovers, and now there's nothing left in the current paradigm. We're getting a bunch of stupid supply-driven shit like suck bots, chat bots on facebook (seriously wtaf!), wearing-a-phone-on-your-face reality.

    Enough with the retro-futurism already.

  3. David Roberts Silver badge

    Can take photos and packs a camera?

    It also makes little girls wear a revolving halo - or at least that is all I get when trying to play the video.

    So this 'robot' is a voice controlled camera? I'll take two!

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