back to article Atlassian cuts Bamboo from the cloud, lays pipelines into Bitbucket

Atlassian has further cut off developers’ hopes of some peace and quiet by announcing full mobile apps that will plug them into its key platforms. The announcement came as it kicked off its Atlassian Camp even in Barcelona, where it also announced it was adding pipelining to its cloud-based Bitbucket code repository product, …

  1. Dan 55 Silver badge


    "Do you want to work all night just to stay alive?" he asked. "Well now with our mobile apps you're going to whether you want to or not. If you're not reassigning Jira issues at midnight, you're not trying hard enough."

    It seems to be called AtlasCamp, which brings to mind developers being crushed under a huge ball of open issues.

    1. IglooDude

      Re: FTFY

      Indeed. Similar to why I won't install an IM client on my work mobile. If it is important enough to wake me up, it's important enough for you to actually call me.

  2. Sykobee

    Huh, were people seriously having issues linking Bamboo and Stash/Bitbucket into a cohesive CI solution?

    Or is this some separate cloud-only offering that they talking about? Move the Bamboo config into a file within the project, and then auto-run that within Bitbucket upon a master branch commit/merge?

    The details are a bit vague, might be the writeup.

  3. Graham Triggs


    Rather than struggling with Bamboo (although I'll admit setting up CI effectively isn't always a piece of cake), maybe Atlasssian have just realised that it isn't a competitive enough product against TeamCity, Travis, Jenkins, etc.

    In addition, BitBucket really doesn't have the mindshare (and quite likely not market share either) of GitHub.

    So instead of trying to compete head on, bring Bamboo and BitBucket together and try to define a new class of source hosting and integrated CI.

    It might be a bold move that gives them a more powerful, more popular, and higher revenue product. Or people might just continue to ignore it. Time will tell.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Alternatively...

      Marketshare is the measure of the lazy. We should buy this product, its got x percent marketshare according to the internet (this is Microsoft survival model).

      Used github, TFS, and CMsynergy. BitBucket Server is vastly superior.

      Used Jenkins, TFS and TeamCity and Bamboo is significantly superior.

      Used TFS issue tracking and its a total joke, JIRA is vastly superior.

      Marketshare is meaningless.

  4. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    “Do you want to work all night just to stay alive?” he asked. “Working harder is not the solution.”

    No, a good fat bubble pop is the solution.

    Granted, I will probably have to take up a new job as bi-cycle repair-man or invent a local delicacy like the fried mars bar, but why not!

    Meanwhile, can user management in Atlassian Cloud finally be made fit-for-purpose and some long-awaited bugfixing be applied to JIRA?

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