back to article US giant Ingram Micro snaps up little Brit Comms-care

Tech distributor Ingram Micro has snapped up UK channel services minnow Comms-care for an undisclosed sum. Comms-care sells maintenance services to resellers that can't provide services themselves. It has has 225 staff and 850 channel partners. For the full year ended 2015, Comms-care posted a revenue increase of 33 per cent …

  1. nijam

    Please don't write nonsense such as "turns over $45bn in annual profit". Turnover and profit are utterly different things, and scarcely related at all for any but the simplest organisations.

    1. NeilPost

      I just about pissed myself laughing at that, and the assertion that a $45bn profit company was being taken over for $6bn.

      I guess the humanaties interns are in charge today.

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