back to article 123-Reg has another PITSTOP

Embattled UK web hosting company 123-Reg has wobbled again. This time the company has experienced a Partial Inability to Support Optimal Performance (PITSTOP) of its email systems and of some servers. The latter problem occurred on May 16th and saw some servers taken offline. “We have been able to resolve the main part of …

  1. No Quarter

    I love it when...

    ...people suggest using 123 for hosting. You know they will be moving to a proper hosting company within a few months.

    1. wolfetone

      Re: I love it when...

      I like it more when someone suggests 123 Reg for hosting full stop. It means they think cheap hosting is better than reliable hosting.

    2. Vince

      Re: I love it when...

      You reckon?

      Nah, they keep using 123-REG and other el cheapo hosts and just moan a lot.

      They hardly ever learn. Which is why 123-REG and all can offer a shite service and get away with it.

  2. joeW Silver badge

    Partial Inability to Support Optimal Performance

    That's PITSOP. How about using SusTain instead of Support?

    1. Aggrajag

      Re: Partial Inability to Support Optimal Performance


  3. M7S


    For every PIITSTOP there's Penelope



    Nullification of






    Its all a dastardly scheme.

  4. Little Mouse


    "an offer of six months free hosting as comfort"

    That's like being offered money-off vouchers for a restaurant after you've complained that their food is unfit to eat.

  5. Paul Stimpson

    Supanames - We miss you

    I used to be a customer of bargain provider Supanames. I never had a single outage or a day's trouble with them. Then they were bought by 123-Reg.

    Since becoming a customer of 123, outages have been more and more frequent. It's now a weekly event that my email credentials are rejected and I can't access my mail. They don't reply to customers on Twitter and their support is dismal. The last time I raised a ticket I got a response with an irrelevant document attached that made clear the person hadn't granted me the courtesy of reading what I wrote.

    One of my users interacted with them without my knowledge and they told her to change from POP mail to IMAP so, when her credentials became compromised one day and they arbitrarily deleted the contents of her mailbox, several important emails were lost because local copies no longer existed.

    I do not recommend this company.

    I'm on a long deal and I'm kicking myself for being away and having missed the renewal date to migrate the services last time. I won't miss it the next one.

  6. d3vy Silver badge

    They've still not finished fixing the VPS fuck up.

    Their support page says they are working directly with affected clients now however Ive heard nothing from them *AT ALL* Ive restored my own backups to new machines but as far as they know both of my servers are still awaiting recovery.... Im torn between waiting to see how long it takes them to notice that they have missed some one and trying to get my refund....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Don't wait. Stick the boot in now

      "Im torn between waiting to see how long it takes them to notice that they have missed some one and trying to get my refund...."

      Sue early and often.

      Above all make sure they don't carry on invoicing for services you no longer require.

  7. Deej

    I know that the domain registration side of 123-reg has yet to be affected, but I'm in the process of moving all my domains away from them just to be on the safe side.

    It doesn't make very good reading really.

  8. nickstaw

    Laughable compensation

    I spent up to 2 weeks trying to sort out the crap that happened to 16 websites I run. The compensation wouldn't cover 1 day of my own time let alone compensate one of my clients

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Laughable compensation

      Anyone who offers compensation uses it as an excuse for poor service, oh well we didn't meet our service targets, here have some peanuts, all is now well. It's self defeating as well as that money should really be used to improve the service and the support offered.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    watch out for other wobbles

    Their DNS service has been wobbling for ages. reg-123 (and its other brands) are those that tend to have huge advert in magazines. They appear to work on attracting huge numbers of customers so they can afford to lose customers when they eventually get fed up with the service.

    As for staying with them simply because you have renewed, that's like saying you'll keep driving your car cause you've just paid for the mot/tax disc even though it breaks down regularly. Bite the bullet, get setup somewhere else, get everything moved and then cancel your account. It will be a lot less stress and hassle in the long term and probably save you money as well when you take into account your time spent dealing with issues and lost business.

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