back to article Guilty! Trump delivers orange justice to Amazon

Donald Trump has launched a stinging attack on Amazon after the Bezos-owned Washington Post launched an investigation into his background. In an interview on Fox News, the Republican's party's pick for president claimed a group of over 20 journalists at the Post were investigating his entire life. Far from an act of the power …

  1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    A good hand, well-balanced?

    Bridge players know what to do...

  2. Magani

    Channel The Apprentice?

    I can't wait for the Republican convention results so I can yell:-


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Channel The Apprentice?

      The Republicans haven't got a hope in hell of winning the Presidency with anyone else but Trump. If they try to stab him in the back at the convention, their true colours will be revealed and it'll most likely be the end of the GOP.

      1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

        Re: Channel The Apprentice?

        "The Republicans haven't got a hope in hell of winning the Presidency with anyone else but Trump."

        Trump's a RINO, so they wouldn't be winning the presidency with Trump.

        "If they try to stab him in the back at the convention, their true colours will be revealed and it'll most likely be the end of the GOP."

        About fucking time.

        Maybe if the republicans disband then two parties will form in it's wake: a truly centrist party that would siphon off a bunch of moderates from the democrats and rule in an open-minded, rational, evidence-based and logically consistent manner...and the batshit-crazy xenophobic conservative side will have their own party.

        Then the US can have "crazy people on the right you avoid because they are dangerous and irrational", "the party that actually can run things without ruining things" and "crazy people on the left who you avoid because they are dangerous and irrational".

        Right now, you just have two crazy right wing parties and Bernie Sanders. Sadly, he lost.

        More's the pity. For all our sakes, everywhere in the world.

        1. eesiginfo

          Re: Channel The Apprentice?

          > Trump's a RINO <

          Oh... so Trump is 'Republican in name only'.

          I honestly think that you need to take a reality check.

          As I understand it.... the current voting is party based.

          Therefore, Trump is espousing ideas for the republican electorate (have I got this wrong?)

          Given that within a democracy, the party is effectively a legal association, with 1 vote per member.... or at least in principal, if not in reality...

          ... are we not witnessing the true colours of this party?

          Unless somebody can explain otherwise... I can't see this any other way.

          He (Trump) IS winning the republican vote.

          Ie. Republicans en masse are agreeing with his ideas... to such an extent that he now has no realistic opposition.

          He therefore, represents Republicanism, at this moment.

          So is this a 'don't give the Plebs a vote' scenario?

          (Cos they are fundamentally bigoted {through no fault of their own [being a product of their own society]}).

          Well, perhaps the Republican flirtation with bigotry, is now coming home to Roost, when a candidate takes all that has been done and said before, and says:

          "You know who we are, and what we stand for.... and I'm gonna give you that".

          ... and the republican party has just said yes.

          Of those who didn't say yes..... half of them (guess) simply felt that by saying these things openly, they would be unelectable.

          The other half need the immigrant workers, to maintain their profits.

          What's left of your imaginary party-split?

          In Real Politics - not a lot.

          1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

            Re: Channel The Apprentice?

            Trump got a majority vote out of what...12 contenders? And has, IRRC, the highest unfavorable rating of any party nominee ever, even within the party that he is supposedly representing.

            Trump is a RINO. He brought forth a damned near total showing from a niche of the party. Normally, they don't vote much. They don't participate much at all. But this time, it was the reverse: the bulk of the Republican voters stayed away because they didn't find a candidate they liked. Instead of voting against the other candidates by picking the least horrible, they just didn't vote.

            So the fringe of the party got to make noise. And the more noise they made the more of them turned out to vote. The more of them that turned out to vote the more noise was made. The more noise was made the more that loop reinforced...and the more mainstream republicans simply stayed home.

            THAT is real world politics. It's called "tyranny of the minority". You are witnessing it in action in the republican primaries right now.

            All that is needed for evil to win is that good, moderate or "meh he's kind of okay" men (and women) do nothing. Trump is the candidate that apathy wrought.

        2. Alistair Silver badge

          Re: Channel The Apprentice?

          While I agree with most of what you say Trevor, as usual, I contest that Bernie has lost. Clintons have many friends in the wrong places spinning image. I'm going to wait and see what happens in the actual convention. Obama's nomination set the stage for Bernie to come from behind and stomp all over Hillary.

          I rather suspect that the Democrats will look over their shoulders at the Bush legacy in the Republican party and think at least once about how badly that went.

          As for DT, well, what he did was pander to the lowest common denominator. Now that he has cleared the field, I'm rather suspecting that we'll see a *lot* of back-pedalling and "oh man, can't you take a joke" type reactions to things being levered against him. As far as he's concerned, this has worked for hundreds of politicians before him, why shouldn't it work for him? One thing can be said is that his positions have not pandered to the Christian right quite as maniacally as the *rest* of the republican nominees did, and this may well be one of the pivotal components of his candidacy in the party. This remains to be seen, but DT *will* have to answer those questions in the long run.

  3. DougS Silver badge

    Pot calling the kettle black

    Trump hasn't released his taxes yet like all presidential candidates have since Nixon, and it is pretty easy to guess the reason he keeps delaying and making excuses is because he's got something to hide. Maybe he's paying a very low tax rate himself, or perhaps has been keeping income from his offshore properties overseas to avoid paying taxes on them like he's criticized US corporations for. Or maybe it will put a lie to his claims that he's worth $10 billion.

    If he actually showed a loss and received a refund I'm not sure what would be worse for him politically, getting a tax refund larger than what most of his voters earn in their entire life while flying around in his private jet, or showing that he isn't such a great businessman after all.

    1. Elmer Phud Silver badge

      Re: Pot calling the kettle black

      His business model seems to be based around bankruptcy.

      Create a company, get investors, move the dosh, go bankrupt --- repeat until 'National Hero' when you can do the same to an entire country.

    2. martin777

      Re: Pot calling the kettle black

      "Trump hasn't released his taxes yet like all presidential candidates have since Nixon..."

      Has Hillary?

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Pot calling the kettle black

      What is all this taxes BS. Who cares about his taxes? What does that have to do with him being a better president? I don't see the connection.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    But he does not give a shit

    Yes, it might have truth, but it does not stop the fact that he has no interest whatsoever in a more balanced capitalism.

  5. Michael Thibault

    Dump! Dump! Dump!

    So compelling watching Trump himself, and the Trumpets backing him, setting things up just so so that we can all witness the eventual, almost-inevitable slow-motion car crash of Donald Trump and the Republican party. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure. Such theatre can't be bought.

    1. beep54

      Re: Dump! Dump! Dump!

      Eh, just a small thing, but it should probably 'Trumpettes' rather than 'Trumpets'. Also, while most everybody has expected that Trump would sort of have imploded by now, he hasn't. He is now the presumed Republican candidate. And this just scares the holy crap out of me. I will take joy and pleasure in the demise of the Republican Party, but ONLY after it is a done deal; not before.

      1. ChrisBedford

        Re: Dump! Dump! Dump!

        "He is now the presumed Republican candidate. And this just scares the holy crap out of me"

        I wouldn't be too concerned. As I understand it, there is a significant section of the population that is not a member of either party, leaving a huge, so far untested, vote available to dump him on his orange arse. A 'swing vote', I guess that's called.

        Add to that the number of Republicans who haven't been turning out at the primaries or caucuses because they figured the conclusion was foregone, and I'm calling November in favour of the Democrat who wins that party's nomination. Trump is too far off to the right to get a majority of the population behind him - at least I hope to God that's so, because, as bad as he would be for America it would be that much worse for the rest of the world.

        1. Terrance Brennan

          Re: Dump! Dump! Dump!

          So far he has only gotten a plurality of the Republican primary votes; but, partisan politics being what they are these days many Republicans will simply shut up and fall in line. I would like to be confident he could never win in November; but, the prospect is so terrifying I am more scared than confident. Surely, a majority of voters overall in November can't be as ignorant as 35-40% of the Republican primary voters? Right? Right? Please?

  6. julian.smith

    America deserves Trump

    The civilised world enjoys laughing at America's stupidity

    Stew in your own juice you ignorant jerks

    1. Badger Murphy

      Re: America deserves Trump

      That's awfully provincial of you. Any guesses as to what happens to the world economy if a major nation suffers socio-economic disaster?

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