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GitHub has announced it is offering unlimited private repositories for its paid members while restructuring its pricing model. The San Francisco-based Git repository hosting service has said that, as of today, there will be just two ways to pay for Personal: $7/month Organization: $9/user/month, $25/month for …

  1. John Gamble

    I admit this will come in handy -- I have a few projects that I want to keep private for the moment, but which I haven't put on Git because I've hit my limit (and didn't feel like upgrading my account any further).

    But I suspect this is aimed more at organizations than individuals. Businesses that run their own in-house git server might be tempted to switch over. I just wonder what "unlimited" will truly be when the floodgates open.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      I don't think Bitbucket puts a limit on private repositories and you get to choose your DVCS.

  2. bombastic bob Silver badge

    it's still pretty cheap

    So, it's still a pretty cheap cloud-based solution for private projects where multiple developers [particularly remote developers] can collaborate. I've been doing a lot of contract work where the repositories are on (private) github repositories, and I've created a few public ones for my own stuff. It's not perfect, has it's flaws and irritations, but works well enough.

    What I didn't see in the article is whether or not these prices are higher or lower than before. Or is that "forthcoming" ?

    1. David Dawson

      Re: it's still pretty cheap

      I just did a quick calculation for my company. It'll massively inflate our monthly spend.

      We have 20 private repos, costing $50 a month. We wer about to upgrade, as we've go some more projects to throw in.

      The rub is that we do a lot of collaborative open source work too in the same org, so we've got around 30 members of the org, almost all on the open projects. This doesn't distinguish between members of the open or closed repos though.

      So, a simple switch will mean the price going to around $220/ month.

      I'll probably start a new org and migrate all of our private repos there, which have far less people accessing them. Need to price that up. Seems workable though.

      1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        Re: it's still pretty cheap

        Go to Gitlab,

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Price jump for organisations with lots of users

    The new price plan results in a big price jump for organisations with a lot of users.

    For instance we're on a 20 private repos plan at $50/month (and for a relatively small amount more could have gone to the 50 private repos plan).

    With 60+ users that jumps to over $500/month.

    We'll need to have a rationalisation of users or move to something like GitLab if we can get parity with the features we use.

    GitHub say they will being give at least 12 months notice before being forced off the current plan (so at least that's better than the recent Mandrill/Mailchimp plan hike).

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