back to article Priceline CEO scandal

A relationship with an employee has seen off the CEO of Priceline. The Priceline Group owns several travel web sites [there's your IT angle - Ed] including, and Group CEO Darren Huston fell on his sword after "a personal relationship .... with an employee of the Company who was not under …

  1. ckdizz

    Unless the relationship was either stalky or otherwise non-consensual, I'm thinking we should infer from this that Huston was at best an average CEO. Considering the phenomenal bullshit some of them pull and still remain in their jobs and optioned up to the neck in stocks, this seems like a crappy leader with a board looking for a minor infraction to relieve themselves of his contract.

    1. Hans Neeson-Bumpsadese Silver badge


      Assuming consent, etc. then in principle I wouldn't see a particular problem given the fact that the employee in question was "not under his direct supervision".

      Having it away with one of your direct reports could look iffy though.

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