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Did you know that Bob Howard of The Laundry Files is named after the BOFH? SciFi Author Charles Stross has published a new chronology of his popular Laundry Files series, in which he details future books in the series. The Delirium Brief, due in June 2017, will open with protagonist Bob Howard “being grilled live on Newsnight …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    This should be fun

    My memory is flaky,

    Edinburgh, Newcastle or Sheffield I think.

    1. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: This should be fun

      It's Leeds, but I can't help thinking there's other cities I'd rather see blown up/invaded by tentacled horrors.

      I was going to say Exeter, but I don't think most people would even notice if Exeter ceased to exist.

      1. A K Stiles

        Re: This should be fun

        How about London? Not all of it, just a small bit of Westminster, near the river...

        Notice - yes, distress...

        <So how many watch lists are we all on now? Despite the fact that it is clearly a joke!>

        1. ssharwood

          Re: This should be fun

          Your tea preferences have been logged and will shortly pass over the Reg-to-CONTROL hotline, straight to Maxwell Smart's shoephone.

  2. Jedit

    "Bob Howard is named for the BOFH"

    And in the short story "Pimpf" Bob acquires an assistant whose initials are PFY, and handles a situation in which a user inadvertently does something horrible involving a computer due to lack of Clue. It's basically a BOFH story set in the Laundry. Which is one or indeed several of the reasons why for years I've been of the belief that Simon Travaglia - which translates as "He has heard torment", BTW - is a pen name of Stross.

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    There comes a time

    When "gas explosion," "gas explosion setting fire to a chemical store" or "gas explosion setting fire to a chemical store whose fumes cause hallucinations" no longer cuts it.

    And then you start having to tell something closer to the truth.

    And then things get interesting.

  4. Alan J. Wylie

    Concrete Cows

    The concrete cows have been moved into the Milton Keynes museum.

    Is this in preparation for CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN?

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