back to article Cracks show in VMware exec ranks

The onrushing Dell acquisition of EMC seems to have prompted two senior VMware exec departures. Is Pat Gelsinger's position at the helm secure? VMware is 80 per cent owned by EMC, and Dell will become its new overlord when the acquisition closes later this year. The two high-profile exec departures from VMware signal that, …

  1. x 7

    you can feel its all going to go wrong........corporate takeovers always produce a result thats less than the sum of the previous companies. Look at HP as a good, repeated example. Dell has all the indications of following the same route

  2. martinusher Silver badge

    Anything to do with Microsoft?

    That announcement last week of the addition of Ubuntu to an upcoming release of Windows 10 was one of those things that caused all sorts of reactions, anything from 'Why?' to 'This will change the world as we know it'. I tend towards the latter camp, and I think its earth-shattering because it tells us that MSFT is about to integrate virtualization into Windows. I haven't seen their implementation but I'd guess they'll make a better job of it than third party vendors simply because they have control over the host than any of those vendors (and if their track record is anything to go by then third party vendors are going to be tussling with subtle compatibility problems). I don't know the market side of things at all well but virtualization is important for either running multiple copies of Windows or running Linux on Windows (other combinations do belong in the 'why bother' category). With MSFT moving into this area its going to leave relatively slim pickings, at least no easy pickings, so maybe its time to move on?

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