back to article BT hires cyber-security

BT is planning to hire 900 more cyber-security staff this year as part of plans to meet the growing demand for security services. The telco giant joins a growing number of vendors looking to tap into a scarce pool of cyber-security talent that initiatives such as the Cyber Security Challenge have only partially addressed. More …

  1. BugabooSue
    Big Brother

    For Good or Evil?

    'Cyber' Security can mean protection of customers/businesses, snooping on customers/businesses, or both.

    Sorry to be so cynical, but I remember the Phorm days - while I applaud most attempts to make the tech world safer, I don't trust BT to stop at the point where the privacy of individuals is respected. I expect anything that is useful will be monetized, to the detriment of said individuals.

    Phorm was why I started to use a VPN for all of my online meanderings, and the HomeHub was dumped in favour of a more secure router within ten minutes of the BT engineer walking out of my house after installing "Infinity."

    I have probably totally missed the thrust of this snippet of information, but I just do not trust them now.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I don't care about BT

    But if, as a side-effect, it means raising the 'cost' of employing people like me then it is all for the better .. I need to boost my pension if I want to 'retire' early before I'm 55.


    Cybersecurity? BT? Phorm?

    BT perhaps jumping the gun on the spying opportunities offered by the IP Bill?

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