back to article ESET blocks news sites

Antivirus updates from security firm ESET blocked access to El Reg today. Other news websites such as the BBC were also affected by Thursday's update. The snafu caused a certain amount of consternation (here and here) before it was resolved with a rollback to previous virus definition files. ESET told The Reg: "Today, ESET …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Google, Hotmail and Facebook and Sky News were classed as security risks

    Hmm, in some sphere's that could well be true.

    Just a shame for Eset the context was wrong.

    Interesting how they all seem to appear on what was described as "Blocked by internal blacklist" in the Eset system logs and it was fixed without a change of the virus definition file...perhaps the PR person at Eset is re-using the reason from the last time this happened?

  2. Ryan Kendall

    Quickly fixed

    Must only only been there shortly, i never noticed.

  3. Mark Allen

    Just reboot

    Even a reboot solved it... It popped up on my PC, then I spotted it on a PC I was remotely connected to. Five mins later a client was on the phone about it. After a bit of a dig around, a reboot of the PC cleared it.

    While investigating it was possible to just disable "Web Access Protection" and that also let you get on with your day. :)

    1. robidy

      Re: Just reboot

      > While investigating it was possible to just disable "Web Access Protection" and

      > that also let you get on with your day. :)

      What a jolly good concept, next time a user forgets their password and locks their account out, I'll remove the need for a password on their fact while I'm at it I should remove that pesky key fob system from the front door as my colleague keeps forgetting his fact I'll remove the door so it's easier for delivery people to get packages into the office!

      1. Mark Allen

        Re: Just reboot

        Or maybe learn how anti-virus works? This was clearly a bad update to one feature of the product. So turning off the feature that it had broken was still safe. The resident shield was still in place and working fine. If you had tried to click on an infected file or a bad script was on the site, the anti-virus would still have screamed loudly and blocked it.

        The only thing that was broken today was the "Dodgy websites list". So turning that off for a while and using your own personal common sense for a few hours is totally safe.

        1. robidy

          Re: Just reboot

          If it's safe without it then why use the feature in the first place?

          You really can't turn off AV features arbitrarily on a corporate estate.

    2. Tim 11

      Re: Just reboot

      I suspect the reboot was a red herring. I had the symptoms between about 11:45 and 12:00 today after which they went away, and my last signature update was showing as 9:45 throughout the whole period.

      I assume that it's doing some check against a blacklist which is more "live" than the virus signature updates.

  4. Paul Woodhouse

    heh, when ESET b0rked the javascript detection el Reg was one of the sites I could get to... this time it was one of the few I couldn't..

    bit meh... was all sorted and fixed within half an hour of me noticing it....

  5. Richard Bijster

    ITV Programme Guide

    This rollback seems to have solved the probem I was having with the ITV progeamme guide not loading on the site. The NOD32 HTTP scanner was blocking it..

  6. macthereg

    Twice in a month TutTut ESET. just in the middle of rolling out an MSP to.

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