back to article Michael Dell takes $11m pay hit

Michael Dell has taken an $11m (£7.7m) pay cut ahead of the company's $67bn gobble of EMC, according to a filing to US regulator the Securities and Exchange Commission. In January 2016, Michael Dell took home a total package of $2.4m - which included his salary of $950,000. The last available compensation table for Dell's top …

  1. Naselus

    My heart bleeds for him.

    1. Code For Broke

      Every time I use a Dell branded kiosk, I literally feel the value that Michael personally adds to every computing device created by his company. The ashen plastic oozes greatness.

    2. John Tserkezis

      "My heart bleeds for him."

      My thoughts exactly. Anyone who says they had taken an $11m pay cut is just plain showing off.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I wonder how Dell was able to get $67b in credit while the underlying Dell business is losing money. It is supposedly being financed in the high-yield (aka junk) bond market with double digit interest rates. Double digit interest on $67b is, if my calculations are correct, a lot. Those interest payments, if the business goes south (which is pretty standard in these big mergers), could eat all of the combined profit of all the companies involved. It is like Dell was going down so they decided to drag EMC/VMware down with them in a gambit to try to reverse their fortunes. It works out for EMC shareholders and executives because they get paid out up front, especially the executives, but not great if you are an employee or customer of EMC/VMware.

    1. NotBob

      Ah, but it's very rare that it's about the customer, and it's never about the employees...

  3. wsm

    $46 million?

    "The filing also revealed that if Michael Dell's position were terminated, he would be paid $46m."

    On Wall Street, that used to be called the poison pill, or the golden parachute, depending on your point of view.

    Either Mike really wants to stay there or he really wants to make it impossible to succeed without him.

    Perhaps both?

  4. DaveCummings

    Sell stuff..

    He can sell his personal Boeing 787 to recover costs (registration - N28MS)

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