back to article One pane of glass to rule them all? Vanity – thy name is cloud management

Is it possible to achieve a single view of the cloud? The more cloud services that a company uses, the more complex it would seem to get. Maybe you use a bit of AWS here, some Azure there, and some Rackspace somewhere else. That might be complex enough, but add in your own on-premise cloud solutions and it gets even muddier. …

  1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken Silver badge

    "... if commentary from Gartner analysts is anything to go by."

    Err... do I even have to comment that ?

    1. Camilla Smythe

      Err... do I even have to comment that ?

      Whut? When I hit the mention of Gartner I leapt straight into the comments section to discover if the article had any content worth reading and the first comment mentions Gartner. Now I'm really lost. Do I switch off my ad-blockers and no-script and go surfing for cat pictures?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Some of the biggest beneficiares are hackers

    So much easier to make sure your ransomware encrypts ALL copies of the files if you can get at them from a single control panel. Local files, local backups, remote backups, cloud backups, remote archives - you can corrupt them all with just a few keystrokes - it's a great time saver!

    Anonymous, of course!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Some of the biggest beneficiares are hackers

      Companies are putting their AD into the cloud with vendors like Okta and Centrify. That's just asking for problems.

    2. pdh

      Re: Some of the biggest beneficiares are hackers

      To put it another way: who's going to be interacting with that single pane of glass? Is there any one person in your enterprise who has full permissions on all of those different cloud resources? Is there even a person who has read-only permissions on all of those resources? Should there be?

  3. Alistair Silver badge

    The problem with a single pane of glass.

    It only takes one little pebble to shatter that view.

    (whee... i pulled in IOT!)

    < and, yes that is a serious point of view - you end up with all your systems glued to a single pane of glass, and one minor change in one of those systems can possibly toss your single point of view for a complete loop. Most systems folks have several different tools to look into problems so they aren't the ones likely to be affected but good lord management will toss a fit>

    1. Voyna i Mor Silver badge

      Re: The problem with a single pane of glass.

      "but good lord management will toss a fit" upside.

      The only way managements learn is by being repeatedly hit on the head until they find out what caused it and are sufficiently motivated to get it stopped. If they thought about how to prevent problems in the first place, they'd be engineering, not management.

      1. Alistair Silver badge

        Re: The problem with a single pane of glass.

        Yoyna, the answer manglement will come up with will be "You can't touch that". Which makes the primary job of us SA types utterly impossible. No SSL updates, no fixes, no code improvements. etc etc etc. This is why I try not to get management into the equation until I have no other choice.

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