back to article VMware VSAN: When good enough more than passes muster

Last week I attended SFD9 and the last session of the week was with VMware about VSAN 6.2. This is not a review of the product or an analysis about single features; there are plenty of them already. Instead I’ll talk about what a product like VSAN 6.2 means for the entire SDS/HCI market. 6.2 The new version was launched a few …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Nutanix? Why?

    VMware shop: VSAN.

    HyperV shop: Storage spaces.

    Will beat Nutanix on price every time with a bit of haggling. Now where does Nutanix fit? Maybe in KVM environments? After all, how often do you need to transition your VMs between Hypervisors? If so, there are various backup products who offer you that option, so no point there for Nutanix.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nutanix?

      Yeah, I think so. I will take it a step further. In the near future, Windows = Hyper V, Storage Spaces, Red Hat = KVM, RH SDS. VMware is out of the picture. VMware still has a leg up on especially KVM in certain areas, but I think this is trending toward buying a full platform... OS, hypervisor, storage, etc all from one vendor. Maybe Microsoft even starts punting Red Hat themselves and sticks their full stack around the OS.... I think the era of the hypervisor specialist is waning... not going to happen this year, but in the next five years.

  2. Cloud, what..... Sorry... Um... - you just made that up.

    3000 customers in two years is good is it?

    As you say some of them will be ELA customers who buy a bundle and don't use half the products.

    Given the number of vsphere customers (500,000) around the world I would say that less than 1% is a terrible take up.

    But given that you could buy a proper SAN for same price it's not surprising.

  3. MMull

    Pricing? Way too high

    We get academic pricing on quite everything, also for VMWare. But still those licenses costs for VSAN are way too high, really. The idea was to use Direct Attached Storage with whatevery vendor you want, get the same features of a real SAN, but for a way lower price. (Well, it´s cheaper than HPE/3Par Storeserv appliances with its e.g. vendor locked harddrives, though)

    So nowadays we have several HP EVA SANs and VMWare which need to get replaced until next year. It doesn´t matter which vendor we chose, we need training on each product except VMWare core ESXi. So, what should we get:

    1. HPE Proliant DL380 server + HPE D3600/D3700 + Windows Server 2016 Datacenter + Storage Spaces

    2. HPE Proliant DL380 server + HPE D3600/D3700 + VMWare + VSAN + NSX

    3. HPE Proliant DL380 server + HPE/3Par/StoreServ 8000 series + VMWare + NSX

    The most inexpensive option is "1", followed by "2", followed by "3"

    => VSAN sounds great, but lower the prices, please lower those prices on VSAN and for NSX, too.

    1. hmas

      Re: Pricing? Way too high


      4. HPE Proliant DL380 server + HPE D3600/D3700 + Windows Server 2016 Datacenter + HPE StoreVirtual VSA

      5. HPE Proliant DL380 server + HPE D3600/D3700 + VMWare + HPE StoreVirtual VSA

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